Hey Champions,

BRAND-NEW Johnny Knoxville welcomes you to this year’s JACK FRIDAY! Chaos follows wherever he goes, so try to catch him with his increased DODGE stats!

Enjoy crazy deals and absurd rewards in-game and at wwechampions.com, where BONUS Rewards are ridiculously awesome with the NEW Jack Friday Web Leaderboard Rewards!

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Jack Friday11/24 at 9 PM PST11/26 at noon PST

Available Shards

Solo Contest500
Stamp Card200
Web Milestones800
Prize Wall500
Flagship Offers200

Solo Contest

Collect Jack Friday Bowling Balls in Offers and benefit from the crazy Bonus Rewards at wwechampions.com to progress in this Limited-Time Contest. You will find Shards for BRAND-NEW Johnny Knoxville in Milestones, alongside 6-Star Bronze Tokens, Prize Wall Medallions, and 1 Jack Friday Mouse Trap Medallion!

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Acquire 1 Jack Friday Bowling Ball! (can be found in offers)1
Max Milestone80,000


1Jack Friday Mouse Trap (Gold) Medallion
561,600Jack Friday Tazer (Silver) Medallions
13Jack Friday Stunt Bags
500Johnny Knoxville “JK” Shards
15-Star Bronze Brock Lesnar “Return of the Beast”
306-Star Bronze Tokens
206-Star Bronze Token Medallions
10Tier 5 Fury II Medal Sets
10Tier 5 Takedown II Medal Sets
1005-Star Gold Tokens

Top 200 Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 6-Star Bronze Johnny Knoxville “JK” (Top 20)
8,000Johnny Knoxville “JK” Shards
106-Star Bronze Tokens
3Modern Men’s Ultimate Straps with GUARANTEED BONUS
144,000Tier B Shards

Jack Friday Prize Wall Punch

A Prize Wall so good it looks fake! Feel free to take a closer look, you might be surprised by the enormous number of TIER A style-specific Superstar Shards you can get.

If you earn Jack Friday Mouse Traps from the Top Milestones in this Contest and at wwechampions.com, you can lick your fingers for RARE GEARS and 500 Johnny Knoxville Shards!

Please note:
Test Environment! Items and costs are subject to change!

Johnny Knoxville’s Jack Friday 6-STAR BRONZE Loot

Hi, I’m Johnny Knoxville, and welcome to this amazing Jack Friday Loot! I’m BRAND-NEW, so get me at 6-Star Bronze for the first-time ever and tons of other TOP CHAOTIC Superstars!


Get up to 800 Johnny Knoxville Shards plus OVER 25% MORE Taser Medallion Value for every $1 spent from these Milestone Rewards! And don’t miss ALL-NEW “ANONYMOUS” Leaderboard Rankings and Rewards for EVEN MORE VALUE!

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