Hey Champions,

As announced end of last year, we planned to give the current King of Kings Membership a modern touch. With the start of 2023, we are excited to inform you that this Membership’s long-awaited update is coming this Thursday, 1/12, 8pm PST!

It provides increased value to our fans and Members! By participating in VIP Events in just a few nodes, you can now earn exclusive VIP Prize Wall Chips that can be redeemed for up to 6-Star Bronze Tokens of your choice in the VIP League Shop and guaranteed monthly payouts from Tours and Blitzes, such as Resources and 3,000 STAR FRAGMENTS!

In addition, get more out of Triple H “King of Kings”, as he unveils refreshed Move sets and and powerful Entourage abilities!

Here is a breakdown of the MONTHLY GUARANTEED REWARDS from Tour and Blitz:

  • 10,000 KOK Prize Wall Chips
    • Redeem them in the VIP League Shop for up to 6-Star Tokens of your choice!
    • Choose specific colored Tokens based on your League Tier.
    • The higher your League the higher the token rarity.
  • 3,000 Star Fragments
    • Enhance your Superstars even further by filling up their hollow Stars
  • Extra Coins, TP, and 4,800 Triple H “King of Kings” Shards

Quality of Life Updates:

  • We reduced the number of Battles to obtain Rewards
    • VIP Tour: 3 Battles per difficulty (weekly)
    • VIP Blitz: 2 Battles (per entry)
  • Triple H “King of Kings” received an upgrade
    • Refreshed Move Sets
    • New powerful Entourage Abilities
TalentNew Trainer Abilities
1,000+10% all Gem damage
5,000+3000 X-Break damage / +4 Green Gems
9,000+4500 X-Break damage / +1 Countdown
17,000+2 Countdown

Please Note:

We will reset and convert the existing VIP Blitz Tickets in your inventory to the OLD VIP Blitz Rewards to ensure everyone has a fresh and fair start with all the significant new changes. With these changes, we will also remove Diamonds and Headliner Chips from VIP Tours and Blitzes.

For the deployment of the changes we will need to set all VIP events in maintenance mode. This will happen on 1/12, at 7pm PST and should be done around 1/12, around 8 pm PST.