Update 5/29/23

There we have them, YOUR 4 NEW Superstars coming in Q3 2023, Terry Funk, Cowboy Bob Orton, Indi Hartwell, and Liv Morgan!

We will keep you updated throughout the next weeks/months on everything related to those NEW Superstars and our next BIG Content Update! So, stay tuned and excited; this is gonna be good!

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Update 5/26/23

INDI HARTWELL will be Part of WWE Champions, alongside TERRY FUNK and COWBOY BOB ORTON! There is only one more decision to make. Who will join them, Alexa Bliss OR Liv Morgan?

Let the FINAL Summer of Champions Fan Voting Begin! (Ends in 24hrs)


5/23 @ 5pm PST (24 hrs only)Terry Funk VS Steve Austin
5/24 @ 5pm PST (24 hrs only)Cowboy Bob Orton VS The Undertaker
5/25 @ 5pm PST (24 hrs only)Indi Hartwell VS Scarlett
5/26 @ 5pm PST (24 hrs only)Alexa Bliss VS Liv Morgan
Summer of Champions Fan Voting at wwechampions.com

Update 5/25/23

🥳 TERRY FUNK AND COWBOY BOB ORTON will be the NEW Men’s Division Superstars coming in Q3 2023!

Update 5/24/23

Champions, you have decided! Your first NEW Superstar is TERRY FUNK! He and the other three upcoming Winners will headline our next Content Update in Q3!

Update 5/23/23

The first FINAL VOTING is here! Who will make it in our next big content update?

Please note:

We plan to improve our server performance at wwechampions.com, and to ensure proper operation, we will put the Community Portal into maintenance mode for 1-2 hours on Wednesday, 5/24, at midnight PST.

Liv Morgan made it into the Final 4 and will face Alexa Bliss for the FINAL Spot in the upcoming big content update.

Update 5/22/23

Alexa Bliss is our 3rd FINAL 4 Contender!

The NEXT and last Final 8 Women’s Division Vote at wwechampions.com >>> Liv Morgan VS Mia Yim <<< This Vote lasts again ONLY 24 Hours!

Update 5/21/23

Scarlett will face Indi Hartwell in the first FINAL 4 round!

Update 5/20/23

Indi Hartwell prevailed and entered the FINAL 4 round by the power of the Community!

Update 5/19/23

We have our Final 4 Men’s Division Picks: Terry Funk, Steve Austin, Cowboy Bob Orton, and The Undertaker! You can vote for your 2 Winners from 5/23 on!

Now it’s time for the DAILY FINAL 8 – Women’s Division Votings!

Indi Hartwell15%
Sonya Deville9%
Liv Morgan8%
Mia Yim7%
Alexa Bliss6% (600 Votes)
Tamina6% (582 Votes)
Bianca Belair6% (515 Votes)
Women’s Division Fan Voting Qualifiers Results

Update 5/18/23

The Community voted Cowboy Bob Orton into the next round!

Next and last Final 8 Men’s Division Vote at wwechampions.com >>> Seth “Freakin” Rollins OR The Undertaker? You decide! This Vote lasts again ONLY 24 Hours!

FINAL 8 – Mens Division

5/15 @ 5pm PST (24 hrs only)Terry Funk VS Pat McAfee
5/16 5pm PST (24 hrs only)Steve Austin VS Roman Reigns
5/17 5pm PST (24 hrs only)Rob Van Dam VS Cowboy Bob Orton
5/18 5pm PST (24 hrs only)Seth “Freakin” Rollins VS The Undertaker
Summer of Champions Fan Voting at wwechampions.com

Update 5/17/23

Steve Austin made it into the FINAL 4 Round!

Update 5/16/23

Terry Funk made it into the next Round. Let’s see who the Community will pick, Steve Austin or Roman Reigns as his opponent.

Update 5/15/23

The Final 8 Men’s Division Voting starts TODAY at 5 pm PST! You can vote EVERY DAY for another Winner who will enter the FINAL 4 Round at wwechampions.com and with that one Voting closer into the BIG Content Update in Q3.

Update 5/8/23

Here are the Men’s Division Superstars the WWE Champions Community voted into the next Round:

Terry Funk20.00%
Pat McAfee10.00%
Seth “Freakin” Rollins6.00%
Steve Austin5.00%
Roman Reigns4.00%
Cowboy Bob Orton4.00%
Rob Van Dam (500 Votes)3.00%
The following Superstars ended up with the same % but fewer Votes than Rob Van Dam
Shawn Michaels (464 Votes)3.00%
Santos Escobar (445 Votes)3.00%
Rick Boogs (416 Votes)3.00%
Randy Orton (416 Votes)3.00%

The Women’s Division Qualifiers are going LIVE NOW! You can vote for your favorite Superstars until 5/14/23.

Hey Champions,

The future of WWE Champions is about to get taken to the NEXT LEVEL! Now is your chance to choose the Superstars you want in your #1 WWE mobile game!

Over the next few weeks, you can vote for your favorite Superstars in the SUMMER OF CHAMPIONS Tournament on wwechampions.com and decide who will make it into the NEXT voting rounds and finally into our next HUGE Content Update.

You will be in charge of narrowing down the List of Superstars we provide until only 4 Superstars remain, 2 for each Division. Those Superstars will headline our next Content Update, which will definitely change the way you play WWE Champions. A NEW in-ring experience awaits!

How does it work?

The list of Superstars is huge, but the available spots in the aforementioned Update are limited, so we have to reduce it to 4 Superstars only. We do that with simple Tournament Brackets.

Fan Voting TournamentStart (at noon PST)End
Qualifiers (Men’s Division)5/25/7
Qualifiers (Women’s Division)5/85/14
Final 8 (Men’s Division)5/155/19
Final 8 (Women’s Division)5/195/22
Final 4 (Men’s Division)5/235/25
Final 4 (Women’s Division)5/255/27


We plan to wrap up the Fan Votings by the end of May, so we can work on creating and implementing the Superstars in the upcoming Update around August this year.

Fan Voting Instructions

  • Visit wwechampions.com and click on the NEW Fan Voting.
  • Select your favorite options.
  • Repeat every time there is a NEW Fan Voting.

What’s in it for you?

Once it goes live with those 4 NEW and ADVANCED Superstars and ALL the awesome new Features, everyone in League 7+ can CLAIM one of those NEW Superstars for FREE! But that’s not all; every completed Vote of yours has a little treat for you to claim!

Join the WWE Champions Community on our OFFICIAL Forum and let us know your feedback on this NEW opportunity and the upcoming Update!