Hey Champions,

With the IMPROVED Daily Claim and the introduction of the 6-Star Silver Superstars, new challenges await you in WWE Champions. Keep your Daily Login Streak up to play with the Great Ones!

Today we are happy to announce that the Survivor Series Road Tour is also getting an upgrade! 2 NEW 6-Star Chapters will be added (League 18+), with MORE REWARDS and challenging Opponents!

Beat the 6-Star Opponents and earn MASSIVE Rewards for your Roster. Bring in the BEST Superstars you have and earn up to 240,000,000 Coins, 22,000 TP, and TONS of Tokens!

2205-Star Gold Tokens
1405-Star Diamond Tokens
1405-Star Emerald Tokens
506-Star Bronze Tokens
204-Star HoF Gold Tokens
155-Star HoF Gold Tokens

We plan to deploy the new Chapters on 6/20/23.


Get excited for the highly anticipated and NEW LEAGUE 21 with more Challenges, Loot, and Rewards, rolling out on 6/20/23 (subject to change).

Join the WWE Champions Community on our OFFICIAL Forum and let us know your feedback on these additions!