Update 8/18

The wait is over; we present you the FIRST LOOK at TERRY FUNK, who will come to WWE Champions as a Chaotic Attitude Era STRIKER!

NEW SuperstarsClassSubtypeEra
Indi Hartwell “Impressive”AcrobatDefensiveModern
“Cowboy” Bob OrtonTechnicianFocusedLegends
Liv Morgan “ObLIVion”TricksterFocusedModern
Terry Funk “Chainsaw Charlie”StrikerChaoticAttitude Era

Stay tuned for our exciting Update announcement next week! Meanwhile, in our NEW Fan Voting, let us know which of these Superstars you can’t wait to get!


Update 8/11

Liv Morgan has already made a name for herself in WWE Champions, but with her new Poster, she will be unforgettable!

She will be a Modern Era Focused Trickster with a very unique playstyle.

Update 8/4

As a sniveling Heel, he will be a FOCUSED LEGENDS ERA TECHNICIAN, equipped with NEW Moves that will give his opponents Shivers.

Update 7/28

Hey Champions,

Today we have literally impressive news for you! The first glance at the Community-voted BRAND-NEW and upcoming Indi Hartwell!

She will be a DEFENSIVE MODERN ERA ACROBAT, and like the other three new additions to the game, she will change the way you play WWE Champions!

Hey Champions,

Please excuse the radio silence in the last few weeks in this post, but as Mama always said, good things come to those who wait.

Short reminder: The WWE Champions Community has voted on 4 NEW Superstars that will headline our upcoming Content Update in Q3.

These four new Superstars are already sizzling in the sun and getting ready for their debut next month!

As promised, we want to give you more info on the next big content update and those new Superstars that will provide new and exciting ways to play in WWE Champions!

Let’s start dribbling the news snippets down the blog, like melting ice cream down the waffle. 🌞🍦

Today we want to inform you about some NEW Moves those Superstars will get, including new Animations.

New SuperstarsMoves (not all)
Terry FunkSpinning Toe Hold (New Submission Move)
Cowboy Bob OrtonFake Break Forearm (New Move)
Running Uppercut (New Move)
Indi HartwellSpringboard Elbow Drop (New Finisher)
Big Boot
Liv MorganOblivion
Double Knee Facebreaker
All four NEW Superstars will get completely NEW Walk-in Animations, and Liv Morgan also gets a new Victory Animation.

Now it’s your turn to let us know in another FAN VOTING which moves you can’t wait to see in action! Vote NOW and claim your FREE Web Coins!


This Fan Voting ends on 7/19 and will not impact the development of the Superstars or Content Update.

Stay tuned and check this Blog regularly for MORE Info on the new Superstars and the upcoming Content Update!