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BRAND-NEW Raquel Rodriguez does what she wants when she wants, and there’s little anyone can do to stop her. So, you better call her your own and unlock her with Rewards in Milestones, Tours, Leaderboards, and Shop Events at wwechampions.com!

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RAW Power7/21 at noon PST7/24 at noon PST
Faction Feud7/22 at 4 pm PST7/23 at noon PST

Available Shards

Solo Contest360400
Faction Contest160
Faction Contest Leaderboard (TOP 200)150-400*
Limited-Time Tour560
Shop Events at wwechampions.com325
**More Shards will be available in Offers.

Faction Feud (Earn Free Booster throughout the Contest)

Play with selected Superstars in Feud for RAW Power Faction Points and progress in the Warscore Competition! A 2x Feud Speed-Up Perk will be available to claim for Manager’s Pass Members.

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⭐ Earn 1 FREE Feud Booster in the Limited-Time Tour and 1 in Stamp Cards on Saturday. More are available through purchase, with a higher Warscore and Gem Damage Boost than the 2 Free ones.

Please note:
Superstar Requirements, Fill Bonuses and Dates are subject to change!

RAW Power Feud

7/22 at 4 pm PST7/23 at noon PST
min req4
Brawl size2v2
Brawl timer30 mins
prop limit2
1st time wins with a Superstar in a brawl = 300,000 points
Card (Top, Mid, Low)Bonus
Raquel Rodriguez “Powerhouse”
+3 starting all mp
+100% All Gem Dmg
+50% warscore boost
Iyo Sky
Any Becky Lynch (5-Star)
+50% Trap Gem Damage
+100% Green Gem Damage
+20% warscore boost
Piper Niven
Any Technician
+50% Pyro Gem Damage
+50% SUB damage
+10% warscore boost

Leaderboard rewards

RAW Power Faction Points
Random Tier 5 Medals
Up to 20,000 Strap Parts
Up to 12,000,000 Coins

Solo Contest

Get over 5,000,000 Contest Points in the Limited-Time Tours to climb up the Milestones for a RAW Power Chests with 100 GUARANTEED Raquel Rodrigez “Powerhouse” Shards and a Chance at a RAW Power Premium Prize Wall Medallion!

Earn up to a 6-Star Bronze Raquel Rodrigez “Powerhouse” with plenty of her Shards and Ultimate Raquel Rodrigez Power Straps in the Leaderboard for the TOP 50!

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Earn Solo Points in the RAW Power Tour and Superstar Competition during Feud!
Claim FREE Points from Stamp Cards at wwechampions.com
Early Unlock Bonus: Recruit Raquel Rodrigez “Powerhouse” within the first 24 hrs1,000,0001
Spend your first RAW Power Loot Coin for 10x Points!90,0001
Spend 1 RAW Power Loot Coin9,000
Max Milestone10,000,000

Regular Rewards (up to 6,799,999 Points)

1RAW Power Chest
13RAW Power Bags
125Braun Strowman “Monster Bomb” Shards
300Shotzi “Eat my Tank” Evo Tokens
+ Coins, and Tokens

Additional Rewards – Achieve these Milestones/Rewards exclusively by spinning the Loot

2RAW Power Chests
10RAW Power Bags
300Braun Strowman “Monster Bomb” Shards
126-Star Bronze Tokens
395-Star Emerald Tokens
355-Star Diamond Tokens
605-Star Gold Tokens
254-Star Gold Tokens
4Tier 5 Takedown II Slot 1 Medals
4Tier 5 Takedown II Slot 2 Medals
4Tier 5 Takedown II Slot 3 Medals
4Tier 5 Takedown II Slot 4 Medals

Top 200 Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 6-Star Bronze Raquel Rodrigez “Powerhouse” (Top 50)
4,000Raquel Rodrigez “Powerhouse” Shards
3Ultimate Raquel Rodrigez Power Straps
106-Star Bronze Tokens

Warscore Competition

Win in Feud Battles with 6-Star Superstars to speed up your progress. Earn 55,000 RAW Power Faction Contest Points, 15,000 TP, Power Play Feud Medallions, LA Knight “Yeah!” Shards, and Strap Parts, and MROE Resources!

Earn up to 4,375,000 RAW POWER Solo Contest Points in the TOP 800 Leaderboard!

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Remember, the TOP 50 in the Solo Contest can earn a GUARANTEED Poster of BRAND-NEW Raquel Rodriguez “Powerhouse”! So, keep feuding!

Earn Warscore1
Win a Feud Battle w/ a 6-Star Superstar50,000
Max Milestone50,000,000


3Power Play Feud Medallions
1RAW Power Chest
1RAW Power Bag
100LA Knight “Yeah!” Shards
55,000RAW Power Faction Contest Points
2Ultimate Modern Era Power Straps for Women’s Division
1Ultimate Skill Plate Bag
405 Star Gold Powerhouse Tokens
305 Star Diamond Powerhouse Tokens
255 Star Emerald Powerhouse Tokens
1,600Health Packs
2,500TP Red
2,500TP Green
2,500TP Blue
2,500TP Yellow
2,500TP Purple
2,500TP Black
20,000Strap Parts

Top 800 Leaderboard rewards

Up to 4,375,000RAW Power Solo Contest Points

Faction Feud Prize Wall

You can redeem your Power Play Feud Medallions here for Superstar Poster, Shards, 6-Star Silver Bundles, and Resources. More Medallions can be bought in Offers.

5-Star Silver Stacy Keibler “Women’s Legend”
5-Star Bronze Shayna Baszler “The Queen of Spades”
Shayna Baszler “Submission Magician” Shards
Bayley “Damage CTRL” Shards
Rhea Ripley “The Judgment Day” Shards
Powerhouse Resource Bundles (including 6 Star Silver Tokens)
Technician Resource Bundles (including 6 Star Silver Tokens)
Acrobat Resource Bundles (including 6 Star Silver Tokens)

Superstar Competition

Win Feud Battles with selected Superstars and reward yourself with up to 3,000,000 RAW Power Solo Contest Points, High Rarity Tokens, and up to 70,000 Focused B Tier Powerhouse Shards!

⭐ The TIEBREAKER Points will help you to get to the next Milestones if you don’t have enough required Contest Superstars!

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Check the Superstars tab to see which Superstars give you Points towards this Competition.
TIEBREAKER – Win a Faction Feud Battle with any Powerhouse Superstar5,000
Max Milestone10,000,000
Win a Feud Battle withPointsLimit
Raquel Rodriguez “Powerhouse”1,000,0005
Torrie Wilson400,0005
Iyo Sky200,0005
Stacy Keibler “Super Stacy”200,0005
Liv Morgan200,0005
Ronda Rousey “Baddest”200,0005
Any Shayna200,0005
Piper Niven200,0005
Any Becky Lynch200,0005
Any Damage CTRL200,0005
Any Rhea Ripley200,0005


3,000,000RAW Power Solo Contest Points
36-Star Bronze Tokens
70,000B Tier Shards
20,000C Tier Shards
105-Star Gold Tokens
17Random Tier 5 Medals
205-Star Diamond Tokens

Top 1000 Leaderboard rewards

56-Star Bronze Tokens
30,000Focused A Tier Powerhouse Shards
25,000Focused B Tier Powerhouse Shards

Faction Contest (Ends 12 Hours after Feud)

EARN MASSIVE Points in the Web Milestones, talent up your Superstars, and climb the Milestones in the Warscore Competition to earn RAW Power Bags, Strap Parts, and much MORE!

⭐ Make it into the TOP 200 on the Leaderboard for at least 150 Raquel Rodriguez “Powerhouse” Shards!

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Level up any 6-Star Superstar2,000
Spend one 5-Star Emerald Token2,500
Talent up any Modern Era Superstar3
Talent up any Powerhouse3
Use Health Pack1
Find BIG POINTS in Warscore Competition Milestones and Feud Leaderboards!
Max Milestone10,000,000


8RAW Power Bags
100Shotzi “Eat my Tank” Evo Tokens
250Road to SummerSlam Prize Wall Emblems
8Random Tier 5 Medals
3Random Legendary Straps
8,750Strap Parts

Top 200 Leaderboard rewards

150Raquel Rodriguez “Powerhouse” Shards
4RAW Power Chests
20,000Strap Parts
2Tier 5 Fury II Slot 3 Medals

Limited-Time Tour

Compete in the Limited-Time Tours to earn over 5,000,000 Solo Points alongside RAW Power Chests and Bags!

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Play the Raquel Rodriguez Victory Tour and redeem her Premium Medallions for awesome EXTRA Rewards!

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DayChaptersContest Superstars
FridayWillpower Challenge
(Normal/Smackdown, Hard/Striker, Hell/Modern Era)
Any Damage CTRL

Shayna Baszler “Submission Magician”
Ronda Rousey “Rowdy”

FridayRAW Power (Raw)Raquel Rodriguez “Powerhouse”
Liv Morgan “Watch Me Liv”
Becky Lynch “The Man”
FridayOverpower ChallengeRaquel Rodriguez “Powerhouse”
SaturdayAirpower (Acrobat)Shotzi “Eat my Tank”
SundayManpower (Modern Era)Any Ronda Rousey
Shayna Baszler “The Queen of Spades”
Rhea Ripley “The Judgment Day”


3RAW Power Premium Medallions
4RAW Power Chests
8RAW Power Bags
5,250,000RAW Power Solo Contest Points
1Faction Feud Boost
+ Coins, TP, and Tokens


Collect Premium Medallions in the Overpowered Tour for more valuable Items of your choice on the Premium Prize Wall!

Skill Plates (Check for Bonuses HERE)
Pyro Princess’ Flaming Glove
Tested Loyalty
Tier 5 Fury II Slot 3 Medals
Tier 5 Fury II Slot 4 Medals
Powerhouse Upgrade Bundle
Ultimate Modern Era Power Straps

6-Star Bronze Loot and MORE

Get a chance at BRAND-NEW Raquel Rodriguez “Powerhouse” at 6-Star Bronze, along with helpful Superstars to pin you opponents down and earn awesome Contest Rewards!


Every $1 spent on the wwechampions.com gives progress towards AMAZING Milestone Rewards! Get Shards of Raquel Rodriguez “Powerhouse” and Iyo Sky “Damage CTRL”, RAW Power Premium Medallion, over 1 Million Solo Contest Points, and MORE!

Get an EXTRA Chance at a 4-Star GOLD Raquel Rodriguez “Powerhouse” in our FORUM GIVEAWAY! 🎁

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