Hey Champions,

We have the ingredients for the perfect stuffing! A Faction Contest, alongside a Community Event at wwechampions.com and a BRAND-NEW EXTREME RULES Game Mode!

Earn Prize Wall Medallions for GHOSTBUSTER Skill Plates, Shards, William Regal Gears, and MORE!


Enjoy Thanksgiving at Extreme Rules! A BRAND-NEW Game Mode that boosts your adrenaline so you can use your sweat to add a delicious golden-brown crunch to your turkey.

  • You can find the NEW Extreme Rules Tours in the Events section of the game.
    • Similar to normal Tours, there will be Normal, Hard, and Hell Mode with One Time and CSS Rewards.
  • Once you started a Match, you will take turns until the EXTREME RULES kick in.
  • Short instructions show you what you need to do to avoid losing HP!
    • For example, You have to destroy x number of specific Gems/Colors in a certain number of actions. Otherwise, you will lose a BIG portion of your HP!
  • Each usage of a Move and Swipe of a Gem counts as an action.
  • Failing results in taking damage, but you can continue playing.
  • The Extreme Rules challenge increases with the difficulty of the opponent.
    • It will re-appear on a specific frequency during the match.
  • Opponents may have increased health, so prepare for a fight with EXTREME RULES!

You can leave your FEEDBACK about the BRAND-NEW GAME MODE on our official FORUM.

Please note:
Screenshots are taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, and dates are subject to change!

🗓 Schedule

Turn Up the Feast Faction Contest11/22 at noon PST11/23 at 9 PM PST
Community Event at wwechampions.com11/22 at noon PST11/23 at 9 PM PST
Blitz11/22 at noon PST11/23 at 9 PM PST
Limited-Time Tours11/22 at noon PST11/23 at 9 PM PST
Now it’s time to get down to business! The turkey must taste good! What better way to use the delicious THANKSGIVEAWAY LOOT COINS you have been collecting the past 3 weeks? Use them in the respective Loot at Thanksgiving for a chance at AWESOME Superstars!

Community Event

Collect Turn Up the Feast Global Community Points with the entire WWE Champions Community in the Turn Up the Feast Tours!

Earn Feast & Furious Blitz Tickets and Blitz with Mosh and Gobbledy Gooker for Pie Hard Medallions for delicious Rewards.

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You will find the “Events” tab on the side panel at wwechampions.com
Turn Up the Feast Global Community Points in Tours1
Max Milestone148,500,000

Rewards for the whole Community!

Claim unlocked rewards on the Community Portal and receive them in your Inbox.


Earn Points by battling in Tours and Blitz for Turn Up the Heat Rewards, a Ghost Busting Skill Plate Platter, Pie Hard Medallions, and Gobbledy Feast Platters!

🔥 Climb the TOP 200 Leaderboard Ranks for more Pie Hard Medallions!

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Earn Points by battling in Tours and Blitz!
Spend 1 Burnt Turkey Loot Coin!700
Spend 1 Burnt Mellow Loot Coin!1,600
Beat the Feast Mode Frenzy Boss on Hell1,250500
Beat the Boss of the Mosh Feast & Furious Blitz211
Beat the boss of the Gobbledy Gooker Feast & Furious Blitz412
Beat the Turkey Trot Triumph Boss on Hell1,250500
Max Milestone10,000,000

Reward Highlights

Ghost Busting Skill Plate Platter
Pie Hard Medallions
Gobbledy Feast Platters

Feast & Furious Blitz

Play the Feast & Furious Blitz to Pie Hard Medallions. Obtain Blitz Tickets in Tours and the Community Event at wwechampions.com.

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Earn 12 Pie Hard Medallions in each Normal Mode Blitz run!

NormalRequirements (1)
Top 2Mosh “The Headbangers”
1 Feast & Furious Blitz Ticket

Earn 50 Pie Hard Medallions in each Hard Mode Blitz run!

HardRequirement (1)
Top 2The Gobbledy Gooker “Feathered Fellow”
2 Feast & Furious Blitz Tickets

Limited-Time Tour

Play the Limited-Time Tours to earn Feast & Furious Blitz Tickets, Turn Up the Feast Global Community Points, and Pie Hard Medallions!

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ChaptersContest Superstars
WednesdayAcknowledge Ghosts (Legends)Ghostbusters
WednesdayTurkey Runnin’ Wild, Brother (Legends)Ghostbusters
DayChaptersContest Superstars
WednesdayFeast Mode FrenzyAndre the Giant “The Eighth Wonder of the World”
John Cena “Veteran Salute”
Brock Lesnar “Return of the Beast”
William Regal “Blue Blood”
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man “The Destructor”
ThursdayTurkey Trot TriumphThe Godfather “All Aboard”
Seth Rollins “Embrace the Vision”
Tatanka “War Eagle”
Steve Austin “Ghostbusters”
The Gobbledy Gooker “Feathered Fellow”

Reward Highlights

Feast & Furious Blitz Tickets
Turn Up the Feast Global Community Points
Pie Hard Medallions

Prize Wall

Redeem your Pie Hard Medallions on this Prize Wall for Ghostbuster Skill Plates, Shards, Superstar Gears, and MORE!

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Screenshots are from a test environment. Costs are pretty much WIP and not final!

Fluffy Fantasm Skill Plate
Ghost Whooper Skill Plate
Head of the Seance Skill Plate
Hauntamaniac Skill Plate
William Regal “Blue Blood” Gears
Seth Rollins “Embrace the Vision” Gears
Hulk Hogan “Ghostbusters” Shards
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man “The Destructor” Shards
Roman Reigns “Ghostbusters” Shards
Steve Austin “Ghostbusters” Shards
Tatanka “War Eagle” Shards
Brock Lesnar “Return of the Beast” Shards
Thrasher “The Headbangers” Shards
Mosh “The Headbangers” Evo Tokens

TastE Busting THanksgiving Loot

Spin it like it’s hot! Delight your taste buds with delicious Loot filled with poultry and TOP Superstars! Every Gobbledy Gooker Poster at 5-Star includes his Burnt Turkey Gear!

The Web Shop Event at wwechampions.com is another way to get his Gear!

Purchase Offers at wwechampions.com for MORE Pie Hard Medallions and the Gobbledy Gooker Gold GEAR in the Web Shop Event Milestones!
And of course, we didn’t forget about the BIG GUY! He needs a good Feast to stay strong and err mellowish! Spin the Burnt Mellow Loot for a chance at Stay Puft and his Ghostbuster friends!

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