Hey Champions,

Bring your poultry to safety; the Headshrinkers have arrived! Each of them is accompanied by a Contest to obtain their Poster. Check it out!

Please note:
Screenshots are taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, items, and dates are subject to change! Some parts of the Contest might still be WIP, so check in-game for the latest numbers and items once the Contest has started.

🗓 Schedule

BLACK-FATU DAY Contest (Get Fatu here)11/23 at 9 PM PST11/25 at noon PST
The Headshrinkers Feud Contest (Get Samu here)11/25 at noon PST11/27 at noon PST
Faction Feud11/25 at 4 pm PST11/26 at noon PST

Available Shards

Solo Contest500300
Faction Contest80
*Faction Contest Leaderboard (TOP 1000)240-400*
Limited-Time Tour300
Shop Events at wwechampions.com300
**More Shards will be available in Offers.

Faction Feud (Earn Free Booster throughout the Contest)

Play with selected Superstars for Headshrinkers Feud Loot Coins in Leaderboards and progress in the Warscore Competition! A 2x Feud Speed-Up Perk will be available to claim for Manager’s Pass Members.

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⭐ Earn 1 Feud Booster in the Limited-Time Tour and 1 in Stamp Cards on Saturday. More are available through purchase, with a higher Warscore and Gem Damage Boost than the 2 Free ones.

Feud Requirements

Card (Top, Mid, Low)Bonus
Samu “Headshrinkers”
+3 starting all mp
+100% All Gem Dmg
+50% warscore boost
Rosey “Super Hero In Training”
Showboat (6-Star)
+3 trap gem generation
+1 starting all MP
+20% warscore boost
Any The Rock (5-Star)
Any Striker
Any Attitude Era
+3 Countdown Gems
+1 Green MP
+10% warscore boost
1st time wins with a Superstar in a brawl = 300,000 points

Please note:
Superstar Requirements, Fill Bonuses and Dates are subject to change!

Solo Contest

Play Faction Feud and Limited-Time Tours to progress and earn Turn Up the Heat Rewards, The Headshrinkers Chests, and Medallions!

⭐ TOP 20 Leaderboard Ranks can get Samu “Headshrinkers” at up to 6-Star Bronze!

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Earn Solo Contest Points in the Feud Superstar Competition and Contest Tours!
Claim FREE Points from Stamp Cards at wwechampions.com
Early Unlock Bonus: Recruit Samu “Headshrinkers” within the first 24 hrs1,000,0001
Spend your first The Headshrinkers Loot Coin80,0001
Spend 1 The Headshrinkers Loot Coin8,000
Max Milestone10,000,000

Reward Highlights

The Headshrinkers Medallions
The Headshrinkers Chests
The Headshrinkers Bags
Samu Turkey

Warscore Competition

Win in Feud Battles for Faction Contest Points, a Premium Skill Plate Bag, Feud Loot Coins, and MORE!

Earn MASSIVE The Headshrinkers Solo Contest Points in the TOP 800 Leaderboard!

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Remember, the TOP 20 in the Solo Contest can earn a GUARANTEED Poster of BRAND-NEW Samu “Headshrinkers”! So, keep feuding!

Reach Milestones to earn Feud Medallions for BONUS Rewards in the Prize Wall!
Earn Warscore1
Max Milestone100,000,000

Reward Highlights

The Headshrinkers Chests
The Headshrinkers Feud Loot Coins
Premium Skill Plate Bag

Superstar Competition (not grindable)

Win Feud Battles with Contest Superstars and reward yourself with 2,900,000 Solo Contest Points, High Rarity Tokens, and Feud Loot Coins!

⭐ The more Contest Superstars you have, the higher you can climb the Milestones!

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Check the Superstars tab in-game to see which Superstars give you Points towards this Competition.
LEADERBOARD TIEBREAKER – Spend 1 The Headshrinkers Feud Loot Coin1
Max Milestone13,000,000
Win a Faction Feud Battle withPointsLimit
Samu “Headshrinkers”2,000,0001
Carmelo Hayes “HIM”1,000,0001
Sheamus “The Brawling Brutes”1,000,0001
Karrion Kross “Tick Tock”1,000,0001
Rosey “Super Hero In Training”500,0002
Lou Albano “Often Imitated, Never Duplicated”500,0002
Butch “The Brawling Brutes”500,0002
Bobby Lashley “The Dominator”500,0002
Any Rock500,0002
Any Eddie Guerrero500,0002
Any Undertaker500,0002
Any Attitude500,0002

Reward Highlights

The Headshrinkers Solo Contest Points
The Headshrinkers Feud Loot Coins
Ultimate Headshrinkers Strap
Rare Tokens

Faction Contest

Find BIG POINTS in Warscore Competition Milestones! Earn The Headshrinkers Medallions, Grab Bags, and Turn Up the Heat Rewards.

⭐ Make it into the TOP 1000 on the Leaderboard for more Samu “Headshrinkers” Shards!

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Earn BIG Points with your Faction from the Warscore Competition!
Evo/Fuse any 6-Star Superstar100,000
Evo/Fuse any 5-Star Superstar50,000
Evo/Fuse any 4-Star Superstar20,000
Evo/Fuse any 3-Star Superstar5,000
Use Health Pack1
Use Faction Heal1
Spend The Headshrinkers Feud Loot Coin2
Earn 1 The Headshrinkers Medallion5,000
Max Milestone149,999,999

Reward Highlights

The Headshrinkers Medallion
The Headshrinkers Bags
Strap Parts

Limited-Time Tours

Compete in the Limited-Time Tours to earn nearly 5 MILLION Solo Points alongside The Headshrinkers Bags and Tokens!

⭐ Get Ready for Survivor Series: WarGames by playing Survivor Tours! Redeem The Headshrinkers Medallions for a NEW Moment on the Prize Wall!

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DayChaptersContest Superstars
SaturdayJudgment Day Survivor Tour – 10 RoundsFinn Bálor “The Judgment Day”
Dominik Mysterio “The Judgment Day”
Damian Priest “The Judgment Day”
Drew McIntyre “Master of the Claymore”
SaturdayNightmare Survivor Tour – 10 RoundsJey Uso “I’MMA GET ‘EM”
Seth Rollins “Embrace the Vision”
Sami Zayn “Out of the Bloodline”
Cody Rhodes “The American Nightmare”
SaturdayShowboats of the WWESheamus “The Brawling Brutes”
Lou Albano “Often Imitated, Never Duplicated”
Justin Bradshaw “Acolytes Protection Agency”
SaturdayHeadshrinkers Tag Team Challenge Tour (Requires both Headshrinkers)
SundayA Real Headbanger (Trickster)Mosh “The Headbangers”
SundayAttitude EraLex Luger “Wolfpac”
Any The Rock
Any Faarooq

Reward Highlights

The Headshrinkers Medallions
The Headshrinkers Solo Contest Points
The Headshrinkers Bags
The Headshrinkers Feud Boost

Prize Wall

Collect Medallions throughout the Contest and redeem them for the NEW 1995 Tag Team Tournament Moment, featuring the Headshrinkers and Bam Bam Bigelow!

1995 Tag Team Tournament Moment
Carmelo Hayes “HIM” Shards
Karrion Kross “Tick Tock” Shards
Tier 5 Fury II Medals
Ultimate New Gen Straps with Gem/Move Damage
6-Star Silver Bundles
The Headshrinkers Bags
Training Points

6-Star SILVER Loot and OFFERS

Get a chance at 6-STAR SILVER Samu “Headshrinkers”, and a guaranteed 5-Star Gold Superstar or Samu Shards with a 40-Max Pull!


Every $1 spent at wwechampions.com gives progress towards AMAZING Milestone Rewards! Get Headshrinkers Contest Points, Prize Wall Medallions, Headshrinkers Chests, Thrasher “The Headbangers” Shards, and more!


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