Hey Champions,

Let’s start 2024 with another BOOM! 💥 We have added Hall of Fame Tokens to your Daily Claims through January 29. Enjoy a Streak Multiplier on these Hall of Fame Tokens (with the exception of the 6-Star Tokens)! The higher your League and Daily Login Streak, the more you can benefit! 🎁

But that’s not all! To ensure everyone in League 7+ can enjoy this fantastic treat, we MAXED OUT their Daily Login Streaks! So, take advantage of this, keep your Streak up, and log in daily for maximum payout!


Please Note:

You must log in on January 10 to benefit from the maxed Daily Insta-Claim Streak (between 16:00 January 9 PST through 15:59 January 10 PST); otherwise, the Streak will be reset as usual.