Hey Champions,

Here is the Changelog for our R64 Update that we plan to roll out this week for Android (iOS next week). So check your preferred app store by then. If you are still waiting to see the Update, return later.

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Bug Changelog

Please remember that if an issue is not listed here, we did not include it in the Update; therefore, we will need more time to fix it.

  • Wildcard Gems count again toward Skill Plate effects.
  • Damage higher than 22 Million shouldn’t cause negative Move Damage anymore.
  • The match should end without issues after using Juggernaut and Countdown Gems.
  • The restriction slot shouldn’t reset anymore when your notoriety exceeds the legend level.
  • Leveling up Superstar Moves can only be done outside a Brawl.
  • Tapping on the Faction Leaderboard button after a Contest ends should work as intended.
  • Moment descriptions should be consistent with the actual boosts.
  • Players who join a Faction after a Contest ends should not get the Rewards.
  • Showdown line-ups should be accessible after a player’s rank changes.
  •  The Shard Conversion Dialogue should be displayed correctly now.
  • The node condition icon shows as intended again on the prematch screen of a tag-team match.
  • The Web Version should work normally for new players.
  • Performing no actions before a Crash shouldn’t result in currency loss.
  • The “Summary” Dialogue should only appear when the player receives Bag items.