Hey Champions,

Here is the Changelog for our R65 Update that we plan to roll out this week for all platforms. So check your preferred app store by then. If you are still waiting to see the Update, return later.

We continuously work on the next evolution of WWE Champions (stay tuned for more) and always strive for an engaging and incentivized experience for all our players.

  • We know enjoying our game with friends or family is the crowning glory. Thus, we are happy to announce a NEW invitation system that helps you bring your friends and family into the game, with you as their Manager!
  • Take care of your PROTEGE and share your expertise with them.
  • Earn rewards TOGETHER as your Proteges advance through the Leagues.
    • Along with other rewards, you can earn GEAR CHIPS and redeem them for Gear previously unavailable to purchase with Chips.
    • This will help especially new players early in the game.
SuperstarsAvailable Gear
AJ Styles “The Phenomenal One”The Face That Runs the Fireplace
AJ Styles “The Phenomenal One”Wrestlemania 33
AJ Styles “The Phenomenal One”Survivor Series 2018
AJ Styles “The Phenomenal One”WWE Champions 2017
Andre the Giant “The Eighth Wonder of the World”Mid South Wrestling 1982
Asuka “The Empress Returns”NXT
Bayley “The Huggable One”Hugly Sweater
Bianca Belair “The EST”The MerriEST
Big E “The New Day”SmackDown Live May 2017
Bobby Roode “The Glorious One”Survivor Series 2018
Brie Bella “Hall of Fame”Gold Edition
Brie Bella “Hall of Fame”Silver Edition
Drew McIntyre “The Scottish Warrior”Blithe Yule
Drew McIntyre “The Sinister Scotsman”Nollaig Chridheil
Earthquake “The Natural Disasters”The Shark
Eddie Guerrero “Hall of Fame”Gold Edition
Eddie Guerrero “Hall of Fame”Silver Edition
Eddie Guerrero “Viva La Raza”No Mercy 2005
Finn Bálor “Bálor Club”Balor Club for Everyone
Hurricane Helms “The Hurricane”Raw 2004
Iron Sheik “Hall of Fame”Gold Edition
Iron Sheik “Hall of Fame”Silver Edition
Jerry Lawler “Hall of Fame”Gold Edition
Jerry Lawler “Hall of Fame”Silver Edition
John Cena “Veteran Salute”Santa Salute
Kevin Nash “Big Kev”Halloween Havoc 1996
Kevin Nash “Big Kev”Big Cozy
Kevin Nash “Hall of Fame”Silver Edition
Kevin Owens “The New Face of America”WWE Champions 2017
Lita “Hall of Fame”Gold Edition
Lita “Hall of Fame”Silver Edition
Mankind “Mr. Socko”Good Will Towards Mankind
Mankind “The Deranged”Saint Mick
Montez Ford “We Want the Smoke”Power Couples
Nikki Bella “Hall of Fame”Gold Edition
Nikki Bella “Hall of Fame”Silver Edition
Rey Mysterio “Master of the 619”Royal Rumble 2018
Rick Rude “Hall of Fame”Silver Edition
Roman Reigns “Head of the Table”Head of the Dinner Table
Scott Hall “Hall of Fame”Silver Edition
Scott Hall “Outsider”NWO Souled Out 1997
Scott Hall “Outsider”The Plaid Guy
Seth Rollins “Embrace the Vision”Power Couples
Seth Rollins “Embrace the Vision”Drip King
Seth Rollins “Embrace the Vision”Drip God
Sgt. Slaughter “Hall of Fame”Gold Edition
Sgt. Slaughter “Hall of Fame”Silver Edition
Shinsuke Nakamura “Strong Style has Arrived”SmackDown Live June 2017
Steve Austin “Hall of Fame”Silver Edition
Ted DiBiase “Hall of Fame”Gold Edition
Ted DiBiase “Hall of Fame”Silver Edition
The Miz “AWESOME”Elimination Chamber 2017
Undertaker “The Last Outlaw”WrestleMania 28
Vader “Vader Time”The Merry Mastodon
Wendi Richter “Hall of Fame”Gold Edition
Wendi Richter “Hall of Fame”Silver Edition
X-Pac “Hall of Fame”Silver Edition
  • You can receive rewards for inviting both new AND returning players.
  • Returning players are those in League 7 or above who have not been active in 30 days.
  • While both count for inviting milestone prizes, only NEW players can be Proteges.
  • You can earn gear chips and redeem them for Gear previously unavailable to purchase with chips.
  • Invite Prizes reset after 30 days, so send out your invites to make good progress.
  • You will get a single-claim welcome prize as a new player, Protege.
  • As a Manager, you will obtain rewards as your Proteges play the game. These rewards do not reset.

How can your friends/family become your Proteges?

  • It’s very simple. Use the invite options the new Protege Program provides.
    • You can share the invite link on your preferred Platforms.
  • You can share the link via mobile or web! But remember the recipient NEEDS to engage with your links via mobile devices –> download the game to count towards both tabs.
    • As a Manager, you can remove proteges after 14 days of inactivity and invite new ones through the invite system.
    • As a Protege, stay active and progress to maximize rewards; otherwise, you could be removed by your manager and can not become a Protege again, but don’t be disappointed, as you can still participate as a Manager by inviting new players!

This is the foundation for more great features coming in the future. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Please let us know your feedback on our Official Forum so we can improve the Protege Program and other parts of the game.

Please note:

This feature will be activated sometime after the forced update on April 12th. (subject to change if the update is delayed)

Bug Changelog

Please remember that if an issue is not listed here, we did not include it in the Update; therefore, we will need more time to fix it.

  • If the damage exceeds 2,147,483,647 in a Faction Boss Battle, the boss attack shows the correct number again and doesn’t heal the Superstar.
  • The Leaderboard Rewards Popup should be displayed again for all players.
  • The font for some languages has been fixed.
  • The Shards Tutorial should be displayed correctly when a player is on the Superstar Screen.