Brace yourself, May is gonna be GOLDEN! We enter a new Era with 6-Star GOLD, 3 NEW League Tiers, NEW Road Tours, 7 DAYS OF FREEBIES, and a restructured monthlong Contest with 4 BRAND-NEW Superstars to chase right at the start!

  • Besides the NEW 6-Star Gold rarity, we changed the Superstar distribution throughout the month!
  • Instead of NEW Releases every weekend, now you can start chasing them ALL with the launch of the MLC!
  • Chase BRAND-NEW Andrade (and Gear), The Rock, Charlotte Flair (and Gear), and Triple H on various paths in the reworked monthlong Contest!
    • LOG IN DAILY and claim Shards to unlock BRAND-NEW Andrade “Tranquilo” at 2-Star GOLD for FREE! Jump Start Packs in the Shop can speed this up!
  • Get them early and take advantage of their Victory Tours that reset weekly!
  • Triple H “REX REGUM” is the first regular S+ Tier Superstar you can get to dominate your opponents!
  • Find the full changelog with all the improvements down below!

May is truly GOLDEN with all these IMPROVEMENTS to the game! So, let’s celebrate this new era with an abundance of FREE Claims that will guarantee an Evolution from 5-Star Gold to 6-Star Bronze for each class!

  • Daily FREE Claims run from 5/7 to 5/14
  • LOGIN DAILY and claim your FREE Rewards BOTH in the in-game Shop AND at!
  • Earn 140M Coins, plus ALL required Tokens to take one Superstar from each class from 5-Star Gold to 6-Star Bronze if you keep your Login Streak up!

As we catapult WWE Champions into the next level, some massive improvements and additions are coming. We are going to introduce the following improvements by May 14th:

  • NEW Road Tours with MASSIVE Resources
  • NEW Leagues with League Objectives and Loots
  • Improved Daily Claim
  • NEW 6-Star GOLD Loot
  • NEW Tiers of Entourage abilities

Who wants to be a BILLIONAIRE? All these NEW additions will get you TONS of Coins and MORE!

Survivor Series Road Tour Chapter 5 (L18+) (already released)400m Coins + 24k TP + some 5/6 Star Tokens
New Backlash Road Tour Chapter 1 (available for L23)570m Coin + 48k TP + some 5/6 Star Tokens (with 6-Star Gold Tokens)
New League Up and Objective Rewards (L22)400m Coins + 24k TP + some 5/6 Star Tokens
New League Up and Objective Rewards (L23)570m Coins + 48k TP + some 5/6 Star Tokens
New League Up and Objective Rewards (L24)900m Coins + 72k TP + some 5/6Star Tokens
Monthlong Contest Rewards (L16+)400m Coins + MORE!


  • Many players have asked for it, so without further ado, LEAGUES 22 to 24 are finally here!
  • With plenty of rewards towards your 6-Star GOLD progression.
  • We also reduced some League 16-21 mission requirements to league-up faster (includes Feud objectives)
League Up Rewards
Rewards for entering League 2250 5Star Diamond Tokens
50 5Star Emerald Tokens
100 Million Coins
6,000 TP (1000 TP ALL COLORS)
Rewards for entering League 2310 6-Star Gold Tokens
50 5-Star Emerald Tokens
200 Million Coins
12,000 TP (2000 TP ALL COLORS)
Rewards for entering League 2410 6-Star Gold Tokens
90 5-Star Emerald Tokens
300 Million Coins
18,000 TP (3000, TP ALL COLORS)


  • We will add a complete NEW Road Tour featuring 6-Star GOLD opponents and tons of Resources!
  • A perfect playground to test your Roster and earn additional Rewards that help with your 6-Star Gold progression.
  • The Chapter will be league-dependent, meaning you must reach a certain League Level to unlock them.

Improved Daily Claim (MAY 7TH)

  • 6-Star Gold brings an updated DAILY INSTA CLAIM with updated rewards that help you to progress faster!
  • LOGIN DAILY and grab those easy opportunities! Your Roster will thank you!

Now that you know what is NEW and what it’s good for, let’s talk about the NEW meta in WWE Champions!

  • If you meet the requirements, you can now evolve your 6-Star Silver Superstars to the next rarity, 6-Star Gold. (Including Icons of WrestleMania and Hall of Fame Superstars)
  • 6-Star Gold Superstars will demand everything from your Roster and should not be considered a piece of cake!
  • Their base stats will increase, including Health Pool and Gem Damage, which makes them more powerful at 6-Star Gold. (Move Damage scales a bit too)
    • That means they have around 2x more Gem Damage and 2.5x Health compared to 6-Star Silver.
  • A 6-Star Evolution requires NEW 6-Star GOLD Tokens, available in various game parts, such as Contests, Tours, and Prize Walls.
  • Leveling up a Move from Level 18 to 19 costs 4000 TP.
  • Evolving a 6-Star Silver to 6-Star Gold requires 4000 Shards, 8M Coins, and the following Tokens:
5-Star Emerald36
6-Star Bronze20
6-Star Silver16
6-Star Gold12
Icons of WrestleMania Tokens (for IOW)Costs
Hall of Fame Bronze Tokens (regular HOF)Costs
Hall of Fame Gold Tokens (for S+ Tier)Costs
  • First, how we distribute the new Superstars throughout the month differs from what you are used to.
  • Instead of 2 MLC chases and various weekend Debut Superstars, we reveal ALL NEW Superstars at the start of the MLC, ready for you to chase throughout the month!
  • You now have ALL MONTH to participate in various events and earn Shards for the NEW Superstars.
    • Shards are the main way to unlock outside of the Superstar’s themed Contest(s), where you can also get a chance at them in Loot.
  • The NEW MLC Superstars have their themed Contests during the month, where you can earn more Shards for each Superstar.
    • Important: Those themed Contests will have Shards for the NEW Superstars, but you won’t be able to unlock them just by playing one of each themed Contest (unless you spin the Loot).
    • All Shards can be obtained all month long, but the themed Contests have generally more Shards available!
  • Their Shards can be obtained in certain ways; each has its peculiarities.
  • Contests throughout the month are similar to previous months; only how we distribute NEW Superstar Shards has changed. You can collect those Shards throughout the month (League 7+).
    • Everyone in League 7+ can now be guaranteed to unlock the ML Chase Superstar by earning Shards all month (previously, only League 16+ were guaranteed the ML Poster in the Superstar Prize Wall). This month’s Superstar chase is The Rock “Final Boss”!
    • Important: Maxing out the MLC doesn’t guarantee a new ML Chase Superstar! You should participate in the related Events to get closer to the desired unlocks.
  • Victory Tours reset weekly and contain the NEW 6-Star Gold Tokens in the Boss node. So, unlocking the new Superstars early gives you MORE rewards, in this case, more 6-Star Gold Tokens!
    • For example, The Rock’s Tour starts in Week 1, so if you unlock him early, you get up to 4x 6-Star Gold Tokens in his Victory Tour by the end of the MLC. Charlotte’s Tour starts in Week 2, Triple H’s in Week 3. Andrade has no Victory Tour.
  • The NEW 6-STAR GOLD LOOT guarantees an A Tier Superstar at up to 6-Star GOLD with 2-Coins-Pull! MAX Pull (3 Coins) guarantees an S Tier Superstar at 6-Star GOLD!
    • You earn one Special Loot Coin in the dedicated Gold VIbes SuperShard Contest, where you must collect the NEW Superstars Shards of this month.
    • Another Loot Coin can be found in the Premium Prize Wall, redeemable with Premium Emblems (previously Superstar Medallions) in the Gold VIbes Solo Milestones.
    • The Shop has the 3rd Loot Coin that guarantees a Max Pull with 3 Coins and an S Tier 6-Star Gold Superstar!
  • We upped the Resources significantly compared to previous months, which means you will get MORE Coins and Tokens than before! Anything related to 6-Star GOLD has been increased in general.
  • 6-Star Gold Superstars won’t be required in any game modes yet, but this will change as soon as more players enter the 6-Star Gold meta.
  • With the NEW Premium Emblems (replaces the Superstar Medallions) in the Solo Contest, you can earn great Superstars on the Prize Wall! (Especially useful for everyone below League 16)
  • Because Andrade is not instantly claimable for free as in previous MLCs, the required NormalMode Superstar for the Kick-off Contest is no longer the new Superstar (Andrade). That way, we make sure no one is missing out on rewards.

Claim 20 Shards for FREE in the Shop DAILY and unlock Andrade “Tranquilo” at 2-Star Gold after 4 days of Login! Jump Start Packs help you unlock him and other MLC Superstars faster! Get his NEW GEAR in the Weekend 1 Loot!

Earn Shards for the other NEW Superstars throughout the month and in their dedicated themed Contests/Loots, where you can earn more for them.

Below is an overview of how many Shards and where to get them this month.

ContestsRegular ShardsPremium Shards
Free Claims in the Shop and at wwechampions.com380
Standard MLC Events (e.g Blitz, Tours, Feud Prep, etc) 300550
Midweek Week 210050
Midweek Week 310075
Midweek Week 417575
Weekend 1 – Loot Debut400
Weekend 2 – Themed Contest400
Weekend 3200
Weekend 4200
Web Shop200
ContestsRegular ShardsPremium Shards
Free Claims in the Shop100
Standard MLC Events (e.g Blitz, Tours, Feud Prep, etc)980590
Midweek Week 2150175
Midweek Week 3150200
Midweek Week 4200200
Weekend 3 – Themed Contest*500650
Rezar Victory Tour100
Web Shop400
*No Shards in her Loot
ContestsRegular ShardsPremium Shards
Free Claims in the Shop100
Standard MLC Events (e.g Blitz, Tours, Feud Prep, etc)250
Weekend 1320500
Weekend 2320500
Weekend 3 – Loot Debut320500
Weekend 4 – Themed Contest7501200
*Shards can also be found in Loot, Leaderboards, and Web Shop Events at

Gold VIbes SuperShard Contest

Collect Shards of the May MLC Superstars and earn 6-Star GOLD Tokens and up to one 6-Star GOLD Loot Coin!

Earn another 6-Star Gold Loot Coin in the Gold VIbes Solo Contest TOP Milestone for a 2-Coins-Pull with a guaranteed A Tier 6-Star GOLD Superstar. It contains various Superstars of different Tiers.

Find another 6-Star Gold Loot Coin in the Shop for a guaranteed S Tier Superstar at 6-Star Gold with a Max PULL (3 Coins)!

Collect 1 Andrade “Tranquilo” Shard180560
Collect 1 The Rock “Final Boss” Shard452,000
Collect 1 Charlotte Flair “Bow Down to the Queen” Shard581,600
Collect 1 NEW Triple H Shard511,800
(Unlimited) Collect 1 The Rock “Final Boss” Shard5
(Unlimited) Collect 1 Charlotte Flair “Bow Down to the Queen” Shard5
(Unlimited) Collect 1 NEW Triple H Shard5
Max Milestone555,000

Andrade Kickoff Contest (24hrs only)

Kickstart the Contest with Andrade “Tranquilo” Jump Start Packs in the Store because the early bird catches the worm, or in this case, 400 The Rock “Final Boss” Shards and 1,000 Gold VIbes Prize Wall Emblems.

⚠️ This Launch Contest lasts only 24 hours!

Spend 1 Gold VIbes Loot Coin6,000
Increase Talent of Andrade “Tranquilo” by 1100
Max Milestone5,000,000

Commemorative Collection Contest

Find Commemorative Cases for collectible items in Gold VIbes Tours, Commemorative Blitz, and Midweek Contests!

Show more

Earn nearly 200M Coins, 20,000 TP, plenty of high rarity Tokens, and up to 10 Commemorative Collection Superstar Chests with a chance at Posters and Shards that can help you in this Contest.

Ways to progress in the Contest EVERY DAY:

Monday & TuesdayClaim FREE Blitz Tickets in the Store and at to earn Commemorative Cases in Blitz Rewards.
Wednesday & ThursdayEarn more Commemorative Cases in Midweek Contest Rewards.
Friday, Saturday & SundayFind Commemorative Ingots during the weekend in the Solo Contest Milestones!


Play weekly Contests and Competitions throughout the month to unlock AWESOME Rewards in Milestones, Tours, and on the Prize Wall.

Show more
  • Earn MLC Rewards during the week in dedicated Contests.
  • Midweek Contests come with varying Reward highlights: imagine garnering Titles in Week 1, celebrating Moments in Week 2, and acquiring Gears the subsequent Week. (the order is subject to change)
  • The Feud Prep Talent-Up rewards you with the new Feud Perks and more! Every New Feud comes with new Feud Perks. The following are the Perks for the next Feud:
    • Opponents Blue MP -10
    • Opponents Blue Gem Dmg -500%
    • +200% Purple Gem Dmg
    • +200% Purple Move Dmg
  • Collect enough Premium Medallions in the Solo Contest and redeem them for 6-Star Gold Loot Coins, a Superstar Poster, May MLC Superstar Shards, a Hunter’s Medallion Skill Plate, and MORE!
  • Take part in the monthlong Collection Contest and earn Superstar Chests with Posters and Shards.
  • Redeem your earned Emblems on the Prize Wall and choose additional Rewards, such as 6-Star GOLD Tokens, Coins, TP, The Rock “Final Boss” Shards, and much MORE! (Resets Weekly)
  • Defeat the Andrade “Tranquilo” Tour Boss weekly for Special Medallions that unlock even MORE Rewards.
  • Earn Charlotte Flair “Bow down to the Queen” Shards and 6-Star Silver Tokens in the weekly Gold VIbes Challenge Tour!
Collect Keys and redeem them for Contest Superstars in the Gold VIbes Briefcase! Get 10 GUARANTEED, very RARE items with every 55 Pulls!

Please note: The Briefcase Loot resets weekly, so players who managed to League Up during the week can also use this Loot.

Talent up your NEW Andrade “Tranquilo” with Tokens, or take a convenient shortcut with our Starter Packs in the Store. TIP: The Pro Starter Pack grants you access to a 50% discount on ALL items on the regular Prize Wall!

🗓 Events Schedule

Below are the planned Contests for this month and the beginning of next month.

Gold VIbes Contest5/7 at 11:30 am PT
Loot, Perks, Weekly Blitz, Weekly Faction Competition and Tours, Kick-Off Faction Tour Competition, Weekly Community Event at wwechampions.com5/7 at noon PT
Show Full Month
Weekly Events
Faction Competition
Collection Blitz
Community Event at
Special EventsStart @ noon PT
Andrade Launch Contest (24hrs only)5/7
Feud Prep Talent Up5/7
Blitz to the Extreme5/8
Faction Feud5/11
Master Manager Contest5/13
Midweek Contest5/15
Faction Boss5/15
Showdown Showcase5/18
Feud Prep Talent Up5/20
Blitz to the Extreme5/20
Midweek Contest5/22
Flash Feuds5/25
Master Manager Contest5/27
MIdweek Contest5/29
Faction Boss6/1

Please note:
Events are subject to change

Andrade “Tranquilo” Evolution Tokens How-To

First, collect enough Shards to unlock him at 2-Star Gold!

  • You will find valuable Evolution Tokens in various places throughout the Contest, including Tours, Midweek Contests, and MORE!
  • These can evolve and enhance this Superstar during the monthly Contest.
  • If you want to be ahead, purchase more Evolution Tokens in the Shop, but there will be enough for FREE to bring him up to 4-Star Gold if you play all Competitions.
  • Consider bringing him up higher with all your Tokens if you get him in Loot!
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Collecting Evo Tokens will grant you Points for the month-long Contest! So, even when you think you don’t need them anymore, keep collecting!

Here is an Evolution Chart so you know how many Tokens are needed:

Evo To:Token Costs
6-Star Silver8000
6-Star Bronze6000
5-Star Gold4000
5-Star Silver2500
5-Star Bronze1500
4-Star Gold700
4-Star Silver575
4-Star Bronze500
3-Star Gold400
3-Star Silver350
3-Star Bronze300
2-Star Gold200
2-Star Silver150

His Evolution Tokens will be replaced by regular ones after the Contest is over, which means regular Tokens will be required again.

Limited-Time TOurs and Feud Contest Superstars

Use the Feud Prep Talent Ups to invest in the right Superstars for Feud and Tours!

Show more
ChaptersStart @ noon PT
Week 2 TuesdayVIP
Week 2 MondayMontez Ford “We Want the Smoke”
Week 2 TuesdayShowboat – Ends Friday
Week 4 MondayJey Uso “I’MMA GET ‘EM”
Week 4 TuesdayWomen’s Division – Ends Friday
Contest Superstars for the Flash Feuds on 5/24
Charlotte Flair “Bow Down to the Queen”
Zelina Vega “Queen Zelina”
Shayna Baszler “Submission Magician”
Asuka “The Empress Returns”
Any Carmella
Sherri Martel “Sensational Sherri”
Chelsea Green “Entitled”
Raquel Rodriguez “Powerhouse”
Any Becky Lynch
Triple H “REX REGUM”
Drew McIntyre “Master of the Claymore”
Shinsuke Nakamura “Master of the Kinshasa”
Any Sheamus
Shinsuke Nakamura “King of Pop Style”
William Regal “Blue Blood”
The Rock “Final Boss”
Any Triple H

6-Star Loot and Offers

Get up to 6-Star SILVER Superstars in this Loot, including the previous month’s Debut Superstars (each week a different one), such as The Great Muta “Pearl of the Orient”, Vader “Vader Time”, and many MORE!

Get more Limited-Time EXCLUSIVES and FREEBIES on

Join the WWE Champions Community on our OFFICIAL Forum and let us know your feedback on this contest!