Update 5/18

The Men’s Division Qualifiers have a clear WINNER! Congratulations, Champions! You have voted Ilja Dragunov into our August Roadmap!

The other TOP 8 Superstars will enter the Summer of Champions Tournament!

WINNER: Ilja Dragunov16%
Jey Uso11%
Bo Dallas9%
Brian Pillman8%
Solo Sikoa6%
Big Boss Man4% (665)
Sheamus4% (648)

Hey Champions,

After the first Summer of Champions Fan Voting success last year, we want to pass you the scepter again and vote on the upcoming Superstars in August!

Over the next few weeks, you can vote for your favorite Superstars in the SUMMER OF CHAMPIONS Tournament on wwechampions.com and decide who will make it into the NEXT voting rounds and finally into our roadmap for this August!

How does it work?

You will be in charge of narrowing down the huge List of Superstars we provide until only four remain, two for each Division. They will be your chases in August, so think and vote on the ones you want to see in your Roster!

Fan Voting TournamentStart (at 5 PM PT)End
Qualifiers (Men’s Division)5/155/17
Qualifiers (Women’s Division)5/185/20
DAILY Final 8 (Men’s Division)5/215/24
DAILY Final 4 (Women’s Division)5/255/26
DAILY Final 4 (Men’s Division)5/275/28
Final (Women’s Division)5/2924 hours only
Final (Men’s Division)5/3024 hours only


We plan to wrap up the Fan Voting by the end of May so we can work on creating and implementing the Superstars for the upcoming events in August of this year.

Men’s DivisionWomen’s Division
Angelo DawkinsAlba Fyre
Apollo CrewsAsuka
Baron CorbinBayley
BatistaDakota Kai
Big Boss ManIsla Dawn
Bo DallasIvy Nile
Brian PillmanIyo Sky
CarlitoKatana Chance
Dragon LeeKayden Carter
Elton PrinceMae Young
Fit FinlayMaxxine Dupri
Ilja DragunovMichin
JD McDonaghScarlett
Jey UsoShotzi
Jimmy UsoZelina Vega
Johnny GarganoZoey Stark
Kit Wilson
Michael “PS” Hayes
Montez Ford
Pete Dunne
Road Dogg
Santos Escobar
Solo Sikoa
The Disciple
Tommaso Ciampa
Tyler Bate

Please remember that we reserve the right to adjust or change the list of Superstars and results as needed due to certain events or circumstances.

Fan Voting Instructions

  • Once a NEW Fan Voting is online, you will be notified in the WHAT’S UP/News section. (Make sure you claim your free Stamp Card Rewards first)
  • Click on it, and you will be redirected to the latest Fan Voting.
  • You can also visit wwechampions.com and click on the NEW Fan Voting.
  • Select your favorite options.
  • Repeat every time there is a NEW Fan Voting.

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