The wait is over, MADNESS is approaching! Ooooooh YEAH!!!

With Macho Man joining the nWo meets Wrestlemania event on April 5th, 12 pm PST, you can finally empty your mystery bags and to turn them into respective nWo Macho Man shards! Dis’ gonna be good!

To celebrate his arrival we will have a dedicated Talent Up event which allows you to collect additional shards for him among other prizes like keys, gift boxes and much more. But that’s not all, if you can manage to earn beyond 200 shard bags you can get an exclusive nWo Macho Man gear throughout in an additional points event.

Also, everyone who couldn’t manage to collect the 200 Macho Man shards during that monthly period, will get additional chances sometime after the nWo meets Wrestlemania event! Once we have more info on this one we will share it with you.

If you are an eager reader of our Event Calendar you might have noticed there is also a Faction Feud going on during the Macho Madness! This time you will get a limited time feud perk which will not only benefit your roster but especially nWo Macho Man, who will be a requirement for your roster.

Enjoy this little preview video by Guersan πŸ™‚


Good luck and don’t forget, tomorrow April 5th, 12 pm PST! Ooooooh YEAH!!! πŸ™‚

Your Dev Team