Hey Champions,

We hope you are enjoying this April’s event, the Becky Lynch Revolution. To ensure everyone an easy start into this event we provide you with a FREE 1-Star Bronze Irish Lass Kicker Poster! Fight the boss in the “Any Triple H Limited Time Tour” or unite with your faction mates and finish off the first milestone in the Faction Key event!

Additionally, both available Becky Lynch Poster (Irish Lass Kicker and The Man) will get a +1 MP boost on their main colors (Yellow for Irish Lass Kicker and Green for The Man). That way she will charge the respective moves quicker than usual and lets you progress faster in this event. These boosts will last until the end of the Becky Lynch Revolution event and they apply across all game modes!

Oh and if you read all of this and still have no clue what the Becky Lynch Revolution is all about, just click HERE and you will be enlighted! 🙂

A preview of Becky Lynch Irish Lass Kicker and The Man can be watched here (by Guersan’s Gaming):

That’s it for now, have fun and good luck!

Your Dev Team