Hey Champions,

We have good news for you, yesterday we have deployed some minor but very powerful tweaks to the recently revamped Verus Mode called Showdown! Most of the changes are based on your feedback, soooo without further ado, lets jump right into it, shall we?

Matchmaking adjustments:

  • The lower your league, the easier your opponents will be. You will be facing opponents much weaker than you in earlier leagues and eases toward appropriate difficulty as you get up into the higher leagues.
  • More generous Notoriety scaling when your opponent has significantly lower Notoriety than you!
  • Bigger Notoriety gain for defensive wins!

Our goal is to help everybody to climb up the leagues a lot faster so you can get a lot more Showdown Coins. Overall, this mode should feel more appropriate now. ­čÖé

Showdown Shop Changes

  • Big decrease in prices for TP
  • Mega discount on TP stats (rare)
  • Big decrease in 1+2SS token prices and stacked 10 (previously 1)
  • Mega discount on random 4SS and 4SG token (very rare)
  • Shango/Hart props of each color added
  • Mega discount on yellow and red prop tool boxes (a little rare)

But that’s┬ánot all, guys! This weekend, from April 14th 4 pm PST until Monday, April 15th you will see an additional Showdown Point Contest, including a temporary┬áMP reduction boost for Showdown throughout this period!

Your Dev Team