Did you submit your income tax returns already? It’s about time, isn’t it? Tax Day is approaching (for US residents) and wherever “tax” is involved Money Inc. is not too far!

This year’s Tax Day contest features not only Ted DiBiase and IRS, but also Nikolai Volkoff as part of the Million Dollar Corporation!

The Tax Day contest will run next week and you can expect several nested events to earn  Tax Paper, Diamonds, Coins, 4-Star tokens and more!

Alongside the Million Dollar Corporation Blitz and Limited Time Tour, you will also get the chance to use Nikolai Volkoff for the Becky Lynch Revolution in an extra Tour!

To start off this Tax Day contest you will receive FREE  Tax Day Blitz tickets and some little extra! Check your inbox on contest start!

Don’t miss out! Oh and more importantly, don’t forget about your income tax returns!


Your Dev Team