Hey Champions,

With every WWE Champions 2019 update, we try to bring the game to the next level. We add new features, adjustments, and bug fixes, to deliver you the best possible experience within the WWE universe. One major part of this process is also the implementation of new Superstars. In accordance with changes in the WWE, we want to provide you with an updated roster in our game as well. Thus, we had to pull out a few Superstars in the past, which are no longer with the WWE.

Those Superstars were only available for a brief period, but after that, no one was able to get them anymore. The ones who had the chance to get them could still use them in their roster, especially with their trainer abilities (Enzo: Yellow MP; Alberto Del Rio: Generate more Green Gems), which has been an advantage towards others. We have been informed about this circumstance many times and since then we were thinking about a solution that benefits all.

So, without further ado, let us talk about our next steps in this matter, or to be more precise, our plans with Enzo and Alberto Del Rio! Those two Superstars will get a new look to become Akam and Rezar!

They will keep all their In-game attributes like class, stats, moves (with updated animations), and trainer abilities, and will even gain tag links with each other! While Akam and Rezar may not remain in the same Stables or Countries, any obsolete tag-team links will maintain their functionality but will be renamed to reflect their “Legacy” status. For example, the Tag Team link “Enzo and Cass” will remain between Akam and Cass, but will be renamed to “WWE Champions Legacy” and the bonus will be the same as before, no changes there.

In short, all what changes for you guys is the appearance of those two characters! Instead of Enzo and Alberto Del Rio, you will see Akam and Rezar. You can still use them exactly as before, with the same benefits and you keep all the progression you had with them! But more importantly, their posters and shards will finally be available again very soon!

We hope you like this solution and we are eager to read your feedback on it! 🙂

Your Dev Team