A long time ago in a galaxy far,
far away….

The WWE Universe shakes. Two powers collide and join forces for supremacy in the ring. Vader and (any) Luke Harper team up against the Master of the 619 himself and his tag partners who guard powerful shards and other galactical rewards. It is your Manager duty to lead them to victory and to bring the Universe back into balance!

  • Collect Vader shards in Tours and in Loot to earn points in the Faction Point Contest.
  • Win Constellation Trophies and save ’em up to get guaranteed 2,3, or even 4-Star Posters in the respective grab bags, 3 bags in number each with different costs of Constellation Trophies and each contains guaranteed Poster of a given rarity!
  • The following Posters can be acquired:

    • Vader “The Mastodon”
    • Luke Harper “The Bludgeon Brothers”
    • Seth Rollins “The Undisputed Future”
    • Matt Hardy “The Hardy Boyz”
    • Eddie Guerrero “Latino Heat”
    • Ric Flair “Slick Ric”
    • Undertaker “The Phenom”
    • Kevin Owens “New Face of America”
    • Brock Lesnar “The Beast Incarnate”
    • Asuka “The Empress of Tomorrow”
    • Kofi Kingston “The New Day”

This Contest starts May 4th at 5 pm PST and lasts until May 6th at 12 pm PST!

May the 4th be with you! 😉
Your intergalactic Dev team