April showers bring May flowers! This Wednesday, May 1st, our next monthly event will start and it will definitely shake some things up! Get ready to prove your skills as the greatest manager of all time! Think out of the box, unusual character moves-sets and NEW special Limited-Time Perks will make the difference in our Superstar Shake-Up contest! Protect VS Multiply is the name of the game, are you in?

Let’s find out and start directly with the key components, the Limited-Time Perks!

  • Throughout all of May and extended into early June, you can get 7 very special Limited-Time Perks, which give you an advantage by buffing your Superstars or debuffing your opponents!
  • They are new, they are hot and they are focused on this month’s motto Protect VS Multiply!

  • Grab your favorite Superstar with either Protect or Multiply-based moves and utilize them with the Limited-time Perks to see the magic happen!
  • Those Limited-time Perks are completely optional but they will definitely help you to step up in your game. They will give you the competitive edge you always dreamt of to dominate your opponents!
  • As mentioned in the beginning, unusual move-sets can be the road to victory!

Following you see a list of available buffs and debuffs coming with those Limited-Time Perks:

Perk Effects (min and max)
1 Blitz Generate Blast +1 to +5
Generate Protect +1 to +5
Generate Multi +1 to +5
2 Tours Protect strength +5% to +70%
Multiply dmg +2% to +15%
Health +20%
3 Showdown (defensive) Opponents’ starting MP -1 to -5
Opponents’ +Color Gem Generation Trainers -25% to -75%
Protect Gem strength +100%
4 Showdown(offensive) +1 Yellow Gem generation
+1 Blue Gem generation
All Gem damage +5% to +20%
Multiply Gem strength +15%
5 Feud (dmg) All Gem damage +3% to +15%
All Move damage +5% to +25%
All Finisher damage +25%
6 Feud (gems) +Color Gem Generation Trainers +25%
+1 to 2 Color Gem generation
Opponents +Color Gem Trainers -25% to -50%
Opponents -2 all Color Gem generation
+2 all move Color Gem destruction
7 Feud (mp) Blue matches +1 MP
All matches +1 to 2 MP
Red matches +1 MP
All starting MP +1
Yellow matches +1 MP
Submission turns +2

How to get those Perks?

By making progress and reaching certain milestones in Contests, you will be able to gain Universal Turnbuckles to unlock Perks and to level them up with [Tour/Feud/etc] Turnbuckles. The latter can be earned throughout the following contests:

Turnbuckle Location
Blitz Dean Ambrose “Return to Society” Tour
Tour Superstar Shake-Up Solo Contest
Showdown Tour Hell Modes
Feud Faction Key Contest

Additional opportunities for all [Tour/Feud/etc] Turnbuckles will be available in the shop and in contests if you choose to speed up your progress.

The Turnbuckles represent the 4 game modes. Each Perk will have 6 levels, each unlocks a stronger boost!

Example: To unlock the Blitz Perk you will need 500 Universal Turnbuckles and 5 Blitz Turnbuckles to level it up. A Tour Perk might need 300 Universal Turnbuckles but 10 Tour Turnbuckles to unlock level 2.

How to use them?

Once you have collected enough Turnbuckles you can unlock the Perk in the Perks dialogue, inside your Roster menu.

  • Set as a new one or replace active Perks with it, by clicking on it and choosing the preferred option.
  • Reminder, if you don’t have enough Perk currency the Unlock button stays grayed out until you have enough currency, same goes for upgrading.
  • By Clicking on the Info Button you will get info on the effect and a preview of the next tiers.
  • It is totally up to you which Perk you want to use. You can choose to level up and equip Perks however you want but Perks can only be used in the game mode they are assigned to, so you can’t use Feud Perks in Tours for example.
  • Again, May is all about Protect VS Multiply, so be smart, pick the right Superstars and respective move-sets, activate the Time-Limited Perks and win big!

Now let’s have a look at the contest basics real quick:

  • As aforementioned, the Contest will start on May 1st and lasts until June 1st.
  • You can make progress and earn great rewards by collecting and spending Shake-Up Coins! This time, Rey Mysterio and his Gear is waiting for you to be unlocked and to join your roster!
    • They are available in Time Limited Tours, Feuds, Blitz, Faction, and additional supporting contests.
    • You can also obtain Shake-up Keychains by doing those Contests and earn more Superstars and shards.

  • This month all players will get a FREE Dean Ambrose “Return to Society”, a NEW Powerhouse that will help you in this Contest.
  • You get him in the Kick-Off Talent Up contest which can be used to improve him and to progress faster in this monthly contest.

⌛ Limited-Time Tours

Play through these Tours in order to win required Contest currencies and other great rewards. A new Tour will launch every few days and will require one of the Superstars below:

  • Dean Ambrose “Return to Society”
  • Kalisto and Sin Cara
  • Any Booker T
  • Any Hardy Boyz
  • Elias
  • Dusty Rhodes
  • Triple H “The Game”
  • Stone Cold “The Texas Rattlesnake”
  • Any Luke Harper and any Kevin Nash
  • Any Braun Strowman
  • Nikolai Volkoff
  • Any Randy Savage
  • VIP: Any Triple H and any DX tag

 Superstar Shake-Up Contests

Look for Contests under this banner for more ways to earn Shake-Up Coins, Shake-Up Keychains and Perk currencies!

 Event Schedules

  • As mentioned above you can earn more Contest currencies in our scheduled Contests during this month. Check the event calendar and find out when to prepare for the next Faction Feud, Gauntlet Blitz, Limited Time Tours, or extra point contests.

 Additional Info:

A few weeks ago, WWE shook up their Rosters. In accordance with that, we will update the WWE Champions 2019 Raw and SmackDown links as well, starting on May 1st. The Roster will be updated so Superstars should be correctly assigned to either RAW or SmackDown. Superstars with more than one version In-game will be given the Raw or SmackDown link only to the most recent version of that Superstar.


We wish you lots of fun in this monthlong Superstar Shake-Up and we are very excited to see your Superstar setups to compete against each other!

Your Dev Team