Hey Champions

Evil is about to rise and it is not even Christmas yet, but BLACK MASS! Aleister Black “Root of all Evil” is celebrating his debut in WWE Champions with his very own contest.

Throughout the SummerSlam Revolt, you had the chance to get his NXT version and now you will be able to unlock his main Roster version at 4-Star Bronze! But we are not gonna stop there!

For the first time ever you will also be able to acquire Aleister Black “Root of all Evil” at 4-STAR SILVER in loot along with 6 Million coins and 800 shards to get him ready for the Faction Feud!!!

You really don’t want to miss out if you want a strong Superstar for the versus modes

  1. Aleister Black “Root of all Evil” shards will be available in loot and reward bags!
  2. You can win Loot coins by playing through the Limited-Time tours.
  3. Grab bags and shards can be obtained in milestone rewards.
  4. Offers can bring you Loot Coins to help you earn more shards or missing Superstars for the Tours.

Continue reading for a more detailed overview!

  • The “Root of all Evil” contest runs from Friday, August 2nd at noon PDT to Monday, August 5th at noon PDT.
  • The Faction Feud begins on Saturday, August 3rd at noon PDT and lasts 24 hours.

  • Five Tours will be available in this contest:
    • Open Tour
    • Seth Rollins “NXT” Tour (tag req: any new NXT Superstar)
    • Seth Rollins “The Undisputed Future” Tour (tag req: any new NXT Superstar)
    • Baron Corbin “The Lone Wolf” Tour (tag req: any new NXT Superstar)
    • Elias “Walk With Elias” Tour (tag req: any new NXT Superstar)

  • Rewards are SummerSlam Revolt coins, resources, diamonds, and Loot Coin Bags which contain loot coins for the running contest loot.
    • There are 15 Loot Coin Bags in total each with a chance at 40 loot coins!!!

  • Together with your Faction, you can get the most out of this contest!
  • Earn points by fulfilling the following conditions:
    • Spend 1 Loot Coin (250 points)
    • Acquire 4-Star Silver Poster (Limit: 1) (75000 points)
    • Win Feud Battle With Aleister Black “Root of all Evil” (Limit: 80) (2500 points)
    • Talent Up Aleister Black “Root of all Evil” (5 points)
    • The max milestone is set at 1,000,000 points.
  • Milestone rewards are Tokens, SummerSlam Revolt coins, diamonds, coins and grab bags in different rarities. Those bags can contain up to 800 shards for Aleister Black “Root of all Evil” and each has a chance of giving his 3-Star Bronze Poster!

  • There are three of those bags in the milestones, all together get you a minimum of 300 shards already!
  • You can obtain additional 500 shards by reaching all milestones with your Faction!

  • Leaderboard rewards will be up to 5 million coins
    • 500K for the 51st-200th rank!

Special Offers:

  • If you are missing some of the required Superstars for the Limited-Time Tours you can always make use of the dedicated Loot for this contest.
    • “Woken” Matt Hardy and Kurt Angle “Intensity, Integrity, Intelligence” will also be available in the loot!


Additional notes:

  • To complement the debut of Aleister Black “Root of Evil”, we will add a new 9K trainer ability to Ric Flair “Slic Ric”, which is 20% damage to all gem colors!