Hey Champions,

This weekend, the leader of the Nation of Domination returns! You will get a chance to obtain this very special WWE icon at 3-Star Silver! So, if you don’t have him yet or if you want to level him up, participate in this dedicated Faarooq Fest!


  • The Faarooq Fest will last from Friday, June 28th at 12 pm PDT until Monday July 1st at 12pm PDT.

 Limited-Time Tours:

  • You get 3 Chapters/Tours which will require the following Superstars:
    • Any Male Superstar
    • Any Undertaker
    • Faarooq “The Nation Leader”
  • Rewards will be Winged Heart coins, up to 4-Star tokens, Faarooq Premium Blitz tickets and Faarooq bags  with a minimum of 100 Faarooq “The Nation Leader” shards and a chance for his 2-Star Bronze Poster!
  • If you are missing a Superstar for one of these Tours you can try to get them in the special loot with purchased Faarooq loot coins !

 Faarooq Blitzes:

  • Two Blitzes are awaiting you: A Premium Blitz with a Normal, Hard and Hell mode, each one accessible with 2 Premium Tickets and a Regular Blitz which costs 500 Normal Blitz tickets.
  • The Premium Blitz requires Faarooq “The Nation Leader”.
    • Rewards for this Premium Blitz can be up to 4-Star Tokens, Shard Loot coins, Diamonds, Coins, Headliner Chips, and even more Token bags!
  • The Regular Blitz enables you to collect points towards the Faarooq Fest Faction contest as well as special Faarooq bags which can contain loot coins or more points towards the contest.
  • Requirements for this Regular Blitz are:
    • Upper-card: 4-Star The Rock “The Great One” and any 4-Star Superstar
    • Mid-card: No requirements
    • If you can fill the upper card you get a +3 MP boost!

 Faction Contest:

  • The more points you collect in the Blitzes, the better your milestone rewards
    • You can win up to 100 Faarooq “The Nation Leader” shards!
    • Besides this, you can also get up to 4-Star tokens and Winged Heart coins to make progress in the Team Xtreme contest!
  • Conditions for this Faction Contest are as follows:
    • Defeat the boss in the Faarooq Blitz (Normal mode) (1000 pts)
    • Defeat the boss in the Faarooq Blitz (Hard mode) (6000 pts)
    • Defeat the boss in the Faarooq Blitz (Hell mode) (50000 pts)
    • Fight boss in Regular Blitz w/ Faarooq (390 pts)
    • Spend 1 Faarooq Loot Coin (60 pts)
    • Collect 1 Faarooq-Fest Token (1 pts)
    • The max milestone requires 4200000 points.

Hint: If you managed to get Faarooq you can immensely support your Faction in this contest.

 Special Loot:

  • Over the weekend you can also purchase Faarooq Loot Coins  for a chance at a 4-Star Faarooq “The Nation Leader” Poster and even matching trainers for him!

We hope you will enjoy this Fest! Don’t miss out!

Oh, there is one more thing! We heard Faarooq is a pretty good trainer for someone who debuted around Wrestlemania, Ohhh Yeah! Didn’t we say you will get another chance to obtain more of his shards at some point? Stay tuned! 😉

Good luck and to success!

Your Dev Team