Update: 7/1

Reason: Changes to the Faction Contest milestone rewards (3-Star Gold Poster added)

Hey Champions

The Fourth of July is almost here and with that the 243rd anniversary of the United States of America, land of the free and home of brave Champions! Of course, we will celebrate this with you by kicking-off the week with its very own contest, Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s Independence Week!

Featuring some of the most American Superstars in WWE history and yours truly Sgt. Slaughter “Sarge” is getting you in shape for the big Fireworks!

Get him at 3-Star Gold by joining the celebrations and battling your way through the Independence Blitzes, Tours and with the help of your Faction!



  • The Independence Week starts on July 1st, at 12 pm PDT and ends on Friday, July 5th at 12 pm PDT.

 Limited-Time Tours:

    • Six Independence Week Tours will carry you on the road to liberty and prosperity.
    • The following All-American Superstars are required:
      • Any Superstar for the first Tour
      • Kevin Owens “The New Face of America” (Yes, he is Canadian but he wears a nice Shirt!)
      • Undertaker “The American Bad-Ass”
      • Jason Jordan “American Alpha”
      • Any Kurt Angle
      • Lex Luger “American Original”
      • Dusty Rhodes “The American Dream”
      • Sting “The Stinger”
      • Sgt. Slaughter “Sarge”
  • Rewards for each of these Tours will be

    • Coins
    • Headliner Chips
    • Diamonds
    • Health Packs
    • Up to 4-Star tokens
    • Props
    • Independence Week Red Stars  , White Stars  and Blue Stars , for the Faction Contest
    • Premium Independence Blitz Tickets
    • …and of course precious Sgt. Slaughter Shard Bags in various rarities with Sgt. Slaughter “Sarge” shards in it! A Golden bag gives you a chance to win up to 800 shards! How cool is that?
  • If you are missing a Superstar for one of these Tours you can try to get them in special loot with purchased Independence Week Loot Coins !

 Independence Week Blitzes:

  • You will get the opportunity to run two Blitzes, A Regular one, and a Premium Blitz called Independence on Edge!
    • The latter requires any Edge and respective Premium Blitz Tickets .
  • Both Blitzes grant you Independence Week White Stars for the Faction Contest!
    • The Independence on Edge Blitz gives you even the chance to progress much faster in this contest!
  • By beating the Boss you get also an Independence Week Prize Bag  which contains Diamonds, Headliner Chips, and a Chance at up to 4-Star Tokens, depending on the rarity of the bag/mode.
  • Independence on Edge provides you with even more great rewards such as Coins, Diamonds and moooore tokens! God Bless America!

 Faction Contest:

  • With Stars and Stripes in your heart and united as one, you will be able to get more Sgt. Slaughter “Sarge” shards and his 3-Star Gold Poster as a final milestone reward!
    • The perfect opportunity if you are still missing some shards from the Limited-Time Tours. Don’t miss out!
  • All you have to do is to collect Red, White, Blue and Gold Stars throughout this contest.
    • The Independence Week Tours provide the largest share of stars!
  • Additionally, you get Red, White, and Blue Independence Week bags filled with Diamonds, Headliner Chips, and tokens!
  • Each star of any color gives you 1 contest point.
  • The max milestone is set at 15,000,000 points.
  • Go, get’em!

 Special Loot:

  • During this Independence Week, you can, of course, speed up your progress by purchasing Independence Week Loot Coins for a chance at a 4-Star Sgt. Slaughter “Sarge” Poster and all the other All-American WWE Superstars needed for the Limited-Time Tours! Some of these Superstars have even their gear included, such as Sting “The Stinger” and his Great American Bash gear!

  • Each Independence Week Loot Coin or Blitz Ticket offer contains additional Blue Stars  which count towards the Faction Contest!
  • And guess what, that’s not all! Only in the Loot, you get also a chance at a very rare Jackpot Prize, which is a Gold Star  and worth 3,000,000 points in the Faction contest!

That’s it for now, enjoy the celebrations with some of the greatest American Heroes in WWE History!

Your Dev Team