Hey Champions, 

Thanksgiving is approaching and we would like to invite all of you to WWE Champions’ very own Thanksgiving Dinner! Bring your best threads, a duster, and a big shovel because one of the most requested features in the last couple of months will finally be available during 4 days of Gr-Attitude!

There is only one table manner you have to follow, come tidied up! Oh yes, the Inventory cleanup will be available until the RUTHLESS AGGRESSIVE GR-ATTITUDE contest ends! 

  • Exchange your Inventory for Gr-Attitude Grind Blitz Tickets!
  • Play the Gr-Attitude Grind Blitz for daily new Medal bags!
  • Earn points towards the contest and win even more AWESOME prizes, such as Attitude Ingots, Health Packs, TP Posters, and Grand Prize Bucks!
  • Collect more Grand Prize Bucks in weeklong Black Friday Offers to make points towards the Winner Winner Turkey Dinner contest!

  • Get a chance at 1,000,000 Cash and one BILLION coins during the whole Black Friday Week!
  • Spin the Straps and Medals Loot with the Faction Gift and win an EXCLUSIVE Epic Attitude Showboat Men’s Division strap with an awesome permanent bonus!

Please read:

  • When the contests start you will see a new Recycle button in your inventory.

  • By pressing this button you will initiate your personal inventory cleanup!
  • ALL ITEMS PRIOR TO OCTOBER will be exchanged for Gr-Attitude Blitz Tickets!

Example with fictional numbers:

  • Once you have done this, you are ready to grind the Blitzes for Medal bags and contest rewards!

  • The Ruthless Aggressive Gr-Attitude contest will begin on Monday, November 25th at noon PT and ends on November 28th, at 6 pm PT.
  • The Winner Winner Turkey Dinner contest will last from Monday, November 25th at noon PT until Monday, December 2nd at noon PT!

  • Play the Gr-Attitude Grind Blitzes to collect Medal bags!
  • Win a Gr-Attitude Grind Blitz to make points towards the contest.
  • Medal grabbags will change on a daily basis to include different medals that are part of a complete set!
  • So, come back every day to complete your sets and the contest!

Rules Points
Win a Gr-Attitude Grind Blitz on Normal Mode 1000
Win a Gr-Attitude Grind Blitz on Hard Mode 3000
Win a Gr-Attitude Grind Blitz on Hell Mode 7000
Spend 1 Attitude Reunion Loot Coin 300

  • 1x Rare Ruthless Aggression Era Men’s Division Strap bag
  • 3x Uncommon Ruthless Aggression Era Men’s Division Strap bag
  • Up to 50,000 Attitude Reunion Ingots
  • Medals bags
  • Up to 750 TP Poster
  • Up to 100 Health Packs
  • 7x Grand Prize Coin Bucks
  • Props
  • Regular Blitz Tickets

  • Up to a 3-Star Gold Randy Orton “Legend Killer”
  • Up to 1,000,000 Coins
  • Up to 10,000 Diamonds
  • Up to 50 random TP Poster

  • Exchange your old Inventory items for Gr-Attitude Grind Blitz tickets and collect Medal bags that contain Medal Bits & Medals!

  • The higher difficulty of the Gr-Attitude Grind Blitz will have faster and better rewards but the requirements are more restricted.
    • Normal Mode: req 3 Superstars (Attitude Era 2-Stars)
    • Hard Mode: req 4 Superstars (Attitude Era 3-Stars, VIP, Matt Hardy “The Hardy Boyz”
    • Hell Mode: req 4 Superstars (Attitude Era 3 & 4-Stars, Kevin Nash “Big Kev”, Matt Hardy “The Hardy Boyz”

  • In case you just want to continue with grinding the Blitzes you can always purchase more Gr-Attitude Grind Blitz Tickets in the Shop.

  • Black Friday is all about AWESOME discounts and you will get this all week long in WWE Champions 2019!
    • Including TIER 4 Medals for the first time ever!
  • Purchase Black Friday Offers throughout the week (and play the Gr-Attitude contest) to earn points towards the Turkey Dinner!

  • Up to 3x random 5-Star Silver Tokens
  • Up to 30100 Attitude Reunion Ingots
  • Up to 65 Grand Prize Cash Bucks
  • Up to 6 Grand Prize Coin Bucks

  • Up to 3x Random 5-Star Silver Tokens
  • Up to 3 Million coins
  • TP Poster
  • Diamonds

  • Each offer includes Black Friday Bills which will enable you and your Faction to spin the Straps and Medals Loot for an EXCLUSIVE Epic Attitude Showboat Men’s Division Strap “THE RAINMAKER” with a very special permanent Bonus:
    • +777 Loot Gem Damage!

  • The Rainmaker can only be obtained during this Black Friday week! It won’t be available afterward anymore! So, don’t miss out!

  • Redeem your Grand Prize Bucks for a Chance at 1 MILLION Cash or 1 BILLION Coins!!!