Update 12/1, 6 am PT

The points for the SupperSlam Flash Feuds contest from before the first Flash Feud issue have been added to all affected Factions! We added them ONLY to the overall Faction points which means you won’t see them in the individual rankings but rest assured every point you made has been taken into account!

Update 11/29, 3 am PT

  • We are currently working on adding back the SupperSlam Flash Feud contest points each faction had before these issues occurred. This should be done within the next 48 hours.
  • We will also send out the missing Flash Feud #1 Leaderboard rewards to affected players.

Update 11/28, 8 pm PT

  • The Feud score should be corrected by the end of Flash Feud #1.
  • You will also keep all prizes earned from the points of those ingots in the Attitude Reunion Solo Contest! We remove only the ingots and the points to have a fair leaderboard for that contest.

Hey Champions,

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the running SupperSlam Faction Contest to fix some technical problems with the first SupperSlam Flash Feud. We will re-run the contest with the intended behavior.

We know everyone was eager to jump into the ring and battle for all these great rewards. Thus, we have decided that everyone affected by this can keep the prizes they got during the first iteration of this contest!

Except for the Attitude Reunion Ingots, which we will have to remove from the affected accounts, including the points earned with it in the Attitude Reunion contest. Once the SupperSlam contest has been restarted, everyone should have their corrected scores back, and can continue to compete for the rewards again!

Apologies for the circumstances! We hope you will enjoy the rest of this SupperSlam on this Thanksgiving Weekend!

Your Dev-Team