Update: 12/5


We are aware of a bug that allowed certain players to use standard Showboat Tokens to Evolve and Enhance Wendi Richter for a short time frame at the start of the Christmas Chaos Contest.

Due to the advantage, this created over other players in the Contest, we have decided to revert the progress of Wendi Richter for these players and reimburse all resources that were spent on her, including any Fuse-Up Posters obtained through Loot or Briefcase.

Any progress in the Christmas Chaos Individual Contest that resulted from increasing her talent after the exploit will also be removed, though any rewards obtained via the milestones will NOT be removed. As a result, the next milestone rewards these players can claim will be the milestone they were below prior to this fix.

We truly apologize for this inconvenience.

The Dev Team

Ho Ho Ho Champions,

This Holiday Season will be LE-GEN-DARY! 🎅

After our journey to the ’90s, we will bring back the good memories of those Women and Men in WWE History who build the foundation for today’s Sports Entertainment! Legend Era Superstars are going to cause Chaos in WWE Champions this December! đźŽ„

  • Play through this monthlong contest and make progress by earning Christmas Chaos Ingots in Tours, Feud, Blitz, Faction, Showdown Tournaments, and additional contests!
  • TOP milestone rewards are EPIC Straps with a guaranteed Boost of a Bonus Chance at an EXTRA TURN!
  • Battle against Legend Era Superstars and WIN the first-ever Women’s Division Legend Era Superstar in WWE Champions – Wendi Richter “Rock ’n’ Wrestling”!
  • Evolve Wendi Richter “Rock ’n’ Wrestling” with special Evolution Tokens up to 4-Star GOLD!!!

Did you know?

4-Star GOLD Previews/Guides for Wendi Richter “Rock ’n’ Wrestling” can be found SOON on our YouTube Playlist! Content made by the Community for the Community! 💛

Please note: The following screenshots are taken from a test environment. Names, assets, and dates are subject to change!

  • The Christmas Chaos contest begins on Tuesday, December 3rd at noon PT and ends on Tuesday, December 31st at noon PT.
  • The Kick-Off Talent Up starts on Tuesday, December 3rd at ~12:30 PT and lasts until Friday, December 6th at noon PT.
  • Please note: The monthly contest will rollout around noon but it might take some time until everything is visible on your device.

  • Get the brand-new Wendi Richter “Rock ’n’ Wrestling” for FREE with the very first milestone!
  • Monthlong Boost for Wendi Richter “Rock ’n’ Wrestling”: 

  • Increase your Roster talent to win awesome rewards including Wendi Richter “Rock ’n’ Wrestling” at 3-Star Silver!
Rules Points
Increase roster talent by 1 1
Evolve, enhance or fuse a Superstar with 2-Stars 400
Evolve, enhance or fuse a Superstar with 3-Stars 4000
Enhance or fuse a Superstar with 4-Stars 13000
Spend a 4-Star Silver Token 700
Spend a 4-Star Gold Token 1600
Spend a 2-Star Silver Token 20
Spend a 3-Star Silver Token 140
  • Rewards will be as followed:
    • 1-Star Bronze poster of Wendi Richter “Rock ’n’ Wrestling”
    • Up to 300 Wendi Richter “Rock ’n’ Wrestling” Evo Tokens
    • Up to 100,000 Diamonds
    • Up to 3x 5-Star Silver Tokens
    • Up to 132,000 Headliner Chips
    • Winter Madness Presents in different rarities
    • Christmas Chaos Turnbuckles

  • Leaderboard rewards will be:
    • Up to a 3-Star Silver poster of Wendi Richter “Rock ’n’ Wrestling”
    • 5-Star Silver Bundle Bag
    • Up to 120,000 Headliner Chips
    • Up to 40,000 Diamonds
    • Up to 2,000,000 Coins
    • Up to 1000 TP
    • Up to 18000 Blitz Tickets

Rules Points
Spend 1 Christmas Chaos Universal Turnbuckle 1
Obtain 1 Christmas Chaos Ingot 1
Increase the talent of Wendi Richter By 1 90
Obtain Candy Canes 3
  • You will find very valuable Wendi Richter “Rock ’n’ Wrestling” Evolution Tokens in various places throughout the contest including tours, coin & evolution contests, TP contests and MORE!
  • Those can be used to evolve and enhance Wendi Richter “Rock ’n’ Wrestling” during this monthly contest.
  • In the first Christmas Chaos week, you could already get a total of 511 free Wendi Richter “Rock ’n’ Wrestling” Evolution Tokens!
  • If you want to be ahead of everyone you can always purchase more Evolution Tokens in the Shop!
  • Here is an Evolution Chart so you know how many Tokens are needed to get Wendi Richter “Rock ’n’ Wrestling”:
Evolution Tokens needed
4-Star Gold 10
4-Star Silver 20
4-Star Bronze 300
3-Star Gold 175
3-Star Silver 350
3-Star Bronze 500
2-Star Gold 175
2-Star Silver 200
2-Star Bronze 200
1-Star Gold 125
1-Star Silver 150
  • The evolution process of Wendi Richter “Rock ’n’ Wrestling” will require regular tokens again AFTER the Christmas Chaos contest. So, don’t miss out to evolve her during this contest to save your regular tokens!

  • Rewards in this contest will be:
    • 2x EPIC Legend Era Strap Men’s Division with a guaranteed Boost of a Bonus Chance at an EXTRA TURN!
    • 1x EPIC Attitude Era Strap Men’s Division with a guaranteed Boost of a Bonus Chance at an EXTRA TURN!
    • Up to 12 Diamond Presents
    • Up to 10 Platinum Presents
    • Up to 42 Gold Presents
    • Up to 38 Silver Presents
    • Up to 48 Bronze Presents
    • Up to 258 Cardboard Presents
    • Up to 1499980 Gold Chaos Ingots
    • Christmas Chaos Turnbuckles
    • 1x Gold Madness Present
    • 1x Silver Madness Present
    • 1x Bronze Madness Present

  • Leaderboard rewards will be:
    • Up to 9x 5-Star Silver Tokens
    • Up to 20,000 Diamonds
    • Up to 200,000 Headliner Chips
    • Up to 10,000,000 Coins
    • Up to 10x 100 TP bags

  • To make progress in this Faction contest you team up with your Faction and collect as many Christmas Chaos Keychains as possible and spend them in the Christmas Chaos Briefcase!

  • Rewards will be:
    • Up to 450 Wendi Richter “Rock ’n’ Wrestling” Evolution Tokens
    • Over 150,000 Chaos Ingots
    • Christmas Chaos Turnbuckles

  • Leaderboard ranks will get up to 75,000 additional Chaos Ingots Ingots!

  • Play through the Christmas Chaos Tours in order to win required Chaos Ingots, Keychains and other great rewards, such as Evolution Tokens to evolve your Wendi Richter “Rock ’n’ Wrestling”!
  • A new Tour will launch every few days.
  • The first week will require one of the Superstars below, more will be added soon and can be viewed in our event calendar.
  • Week 1
    • Open Tour
    • Membership Tour
    • Wendi Richter “Rock ’n’ Wrestling” Tour
    • Legend & Attitude Tour
    • Andre The Giant “Eighth Wonder of the World” Tour
    • Faarooq “The Nation Leader” Tour
    • Sgt. Slaughter “Sarge” Tour

  • Get as many Christmas Chaos Ingots in this contest and use them in the monthly Prize Wall!
  • Exchange your Christmas Chaos Ingots for resources such as TP, Tokens, Coins, Blitz Tickets, Diamonds, etc.
  • Gold Chaos Ingots are for the Champions and Elite Prizings, Chaos Ingots can be used for the Premium and Beginner Prizings.

  • Additionally, you can get the following items:
    • All kinds of AWESOME Combo Packs!!!
    • Up to 5-Star Silver Tokens
    • Redeem Gold Chaos Ingots for Nikolai Volkoff “Million Dollar Corporation”, Stinger WCW Great American Bash 1990, Andre the Giant “Mid South Wrestling 1982” gear!

  • Required Superstars for the contests can also be obtained in the Loot with respective Loot Coins. Get a chance at Wendi Richter “Rock ’n’ Wrestling” at 4-Star SILVER, Ultimate Warrior “Warrior,  Sting “The Stinger” and many other rare Legend Era Superstars!
  • Members will get additional great offers to make progress in the Christmas Chaos contest!

  • Loot and the Christmas Chaos Briefcase will contain Candy Canes which are Faction Gifts that can be redeemed in the Prizewall for additional GREAT PRIZES such as:
    • TP Poster
    • Coins
    • Props
    • 4-Star Tokens
    • Rush Tokens
    • Christmas Chaos Keys
    • Diamonds
    • AND an awesome XMAS Gear for Paige “The Raven-Haired Renegade” and Steve Austin!

Again, please note: The posted screenshots above are taken from a test environment. Names, assets, and dates are subject to change!

  • Based on your feedback we have reduced the coin costs for Feud Perks by ~35% for now!