Hey Champions,

The recently introduced brand-new Hall of Fame Era with Superstars such as Booker T, Lita, and Sting is not the only NEW game element in 2020.

With our upcoming 0.410 UPDATE, you will get to enjoy ALL-NEW Superstar Stats, Skill Plates and many more Improvements!

The update is planned for January 15th, but as always, do not take this date as guaranteed, be aware of possible delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

Once the update hits the store you can download it. Please note, the rollout can differ from store and device. So, if you can’t see the update yet, come back later and check again.

6 NEW Superstar Stats

We are proud and excited to announce six new Superstar Stats for WWE Champions! In December 2019, we already launched a Closed Beta with several members of our community to test and to improve this new feature so that everyone will enjoy it.

The following stats (and class specialties) will take you and your Superstars to a whole new level. Turn the tables in an almost written off match or prevail faster!

New Stats Specialist
Critical Hit Chance for GemsShowboat
Critical Hit Chance for MovesStriker
Critical Damage for GemsPowerhouse
Critical Damage for MovesTechnician
Dodge Chance for GemsAcrobat
Dodge Chance for MovesTrickster

Critical Hit Damage will be triggered by the Critical Hit Chance and will be added on top of the normal damage to your opponent.

Dodge Chance gives you the possibility to evade the damage from your opponent.

Additional Info

  • Gem Dodge results in avoiding damage and MP charge that would normally result from a gem match or break.
    • Damage from gem cascades can be dodged as part of Gem Dodge.
  • You won’t be able to dodge
    • Gem damage resulting from a successful Move
    • Damage from gems destroyed during an Ability
  • Based on the feedback we have received during the Closed Beta, only Acrobat and Trickster have a baseline dodge chance (at 3%)!
  • Every Superstar from 4-Stars on can take advantage of these new base stats and will have a chance to trigger a Critical Hit or Dodge during the match (except some cases like while being pinned, submission, Countdown gems…)
    • Superstars at 3-Star and below will not have any base Critical Hit or Dodge stats.

NEW Skill Plates

Since the introduction of Straps and Medals, you can improve and strengthen your Superstars the way you want it; there are almost no limits.

With all-new Skill Plates, you will grow wings to reach WWE Champions’ Mount Olympus even faster! You will be able to customize how your Superstars play with all-new gameplay mechanics!

Art assets for Skill Plates are still WIP and will look a bit different than on this fancy banner!
  • Skill Plates can boost your Superstar’s new stats and add new behaviors or mechanics to a Superstar!
  • Currently available effects:
    • Chance to create random gem modifiers (e.g. Row Break, Botch, etc.) on the board every turn
    • Create random gem modifiers each time your Superstar lands a Critical Hit
    • Chance to automatically break out of submissions
    • And many, MANY more incredibly powerful effects to come!
  • Skill Plates can be equipped on all-new LEGENDARY Straps.  These Straps still allow you to equip up to four Medals, but also have a slot available for a Skill Plate!
  • Unlike Medals, Skill Plates have no substats, can’t be upgraded, and can’t be sold.
  • Skill Plates can be unequipped using a new “removal” currency called Skill Plate Chips.
  • You will receive a fixed amount of Skill Plate Chips per month. At the end of this period, the amount of currency will be reset back to the original amount.
  • Strap-Up Pass Members will receive more Skill Plate Chips each month, allowing them to move Skill Plates between Superstars more freely.
  • Removal costs can vary depending on the Skill Plate.

When and where can you get Skill Plates and Legendary Straps?

They won’t be available right at the release of this update but you will be able to obtain them in upcoming contests and Loot. So, stay tuned!

Additional Changes

  • Opponents in Limited-Time Tours, Blitzes and the Road can now hold titles, including their effects!
  • The titles buff list popup in pre-match and battle screens has been revised! The new buff list popup gives you a good overview of your and your opponent’s setup! Have a look!

Bug Changelog

Please bear in mind, if an issue is not listed here it will not be included in the update, and therefore will take some more time to be fixed.

  • The pin bar moved backward when an opponent’s Signature Move broke traps created by the Finisher of Rikishi “Too Cool”.
  • When an opponent broke a player’s Leech gem, it dealt with additional damage to the player.
  • The player only received the last unlocked bonus effect when they equipped a gear that has multiple effects unlocked.
  • Replacing straps after removing it unsuccessfully caused some loading issues.
  • Medals and straps were lost if the connection was dropped while tapping on the “Claim All Button”.