Update: Jan 15, 11:32 AM PT

To ensure a more balanced and competitive event, the point method for winning with “Woken” Matt Hardy has been reduced (though his wins are still significantly the most valuable) since the original event post was made.

Apologies for the short term notice and the inconvenience this caused.

Hey Champions,

The Fashion Police is back to teach the Hardy Boyz some style! Who’s gonna be washed inside out and become the cat posing down that walk or flying through the air like a bird for the popping of flashbulbs and fame!?

  • Play the Showdown Tournaments to make points in the Hardy Fashion contest!
  • Speed up your progress by using specific Superstars!
  • Win 3-Star GOLD Sting “The Stinger” in milestones and up to a 4-Star Bronze “Hall of Fame” Sting in the Leaderboard!
  • Get chances at 4-Star SILVER Breezango in LOOT!

Did you know?

4-Star GOLD Previews/Guides for Fandango, Tyler Breeze and (soon) “Hall of Fame” Sting can be found on our YouTube Playlist! Content made by the Community for the Community!

Please note: The following screenshots are taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, assets, and dates are subject to change!


  • The Hardy Fashion contest starts Wednesday, January 15th at noon PT and lasts until Sunday, January 19th at noon PT.
  • The “Hall of Fame” Sting Induction contest will take place on Friday, January 17th at noon PT and will last until Monday, January 20th at noon PT!
    • You will be able to acquire him in LOOT and win additional rewards for taking a chance!

Solo Contest

Win any Showdown match with “Woken” Matt Hardy31075012
Win any Showdown match with Tyler Breeze15450012
Win any Showdown match with Fandango12325012
Win any Showdown match with Matt Hardy “Hardy Boyz”10241812
Win any Showdown match with Jeff Hardy “Hardy Boyz”5033312
Win any Showdown match with Stephanie McMahon11548160
Win any Showdown match with Sting “The Icon”5033312
Spend 1 Hardy Fashion Loot Coin3750
Earn Showdown Coins50


  • 3-Star Gold Sting “Stinger”
  • 3-Star Bronze Matt Hardy “Hardy Boyz”
  • 3-Star Bronze Stephanie McMahon “Best for Business”
  • Up to 400x Fandango shards
  • 1x EPIC Strap for Showboat Modern Era (Men)
  • 1x 5-Star Token bag
  • Up to 130000 Hall of Fame Ingots
  • Resources such as HP, Coins, TP, and Blitz tickets

Leaderboard rewards:

  • Up to a 4-Star Bronze “Hall of Fame” Sting
  • Up to 500 “Hall of Fame” Sting Shards
  • Up to 2x Hall of Fame safes

Special Offers

  • Get the required Superstars for this contest in the LOOT which also awaits you with special grab bags in various rarities!
    • Fashion Police bag with BREEZANGO at up to 4-Star SILVER
    • Hardy Jackpot bag with Matt Hardy “Hardy Boyz” and Jeff Hardy “Hardy Boyz” at up to 4-Star Bronze