Hey Champions,

Modern Era Superstars are the future of today’s Sports Entertainment but they are walking on grounds built by inspiring Icons! So what should we do? Exactly, we let them fight against each other for ALL-NEW Skill Plates and a LEGENDARY Strap, BOOYA!

  • Choose and play the Era Blitzes to earn points towards the contest!
  • Use specific Superstars to speed up your progress.
  • Win a BRAND-NEW Legendary Strap (5-Slots) in milestones including Tier 4 RARE Medals and a Blast Gem Skill Plate!
  • Leaderboard ranks can win Shards for Eddie Guerrero “Hall of Fame” and an Anti-Submission Skill Plate!
  • Get Hulk Hogan shards and RARE Modern/Legend Era Superstars in the Prize Wall!

Check out the recent 0.410 Update Notes with more info on brand-new Skill Plates!

Did you know?

4-Star GOLD Previews/Guides for “Hall of Fame” Eddie Guerrero can be found (soon) on our YouTube Playlist! Content made by the Community for the Community!

Please note: The following screenshots are taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, assets, and dates are subject to change! 


  • The Modern VS Legends Era contest starts Tuesday, January 21st at noon PT and lasts until Friday, January 24th at noon PT.

The “Hall of Fame” Eddie Guerrero Induction contest will take place on Thursday, January 23rd at noon PT and will last until Monday, January 26th at noon PT!

  • You will be able to acquire him in LOOT and win additional rewards for taking a chance!
  • It will require ALL new Hall of Fame Superstars to get enough Hall Of Fame Turnbuckles from the Hall of Fame Bonus tours and to unlock the AMAZING Champions Feud Perk!
  • Level 3 will have 200% Gem Crit Damage!

Solo Contest

Increase Talent of any Modern Era Superstar by 11
Increase Talent of any Legend Era Superstar by 11
Beat Modern Boss750
Beat Modern Boss with Kofi242501
Beat Modern Boss with Elias212501
Beat Modern Boss with Tyler Breeze172501
Beat Modern Boss with Velveteen Dream “The Vainglorious One”112501
Beat Modern Boss with Bobby Roode42503
Beat Modern Boss with Baron Corbin22503
Beat Legend Boss750
Beat Legend Boss with Hulk Hogan492501
Beat Legend Boss with Mr. T242501
Beat Legend Boss with “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan192501
Beat Legend Boss with Bruno Sammartino152501
Beat Legend Boss with Ric Flair “Slick Ric”92501
Beat Legend Boss with “Nature Boy” Ric Flair37503
Beat Legend Boss with Jake Snake24503
Spend 1 Loot Coin250
Spend 1 Premium Loot Coin1600


  • Modern Prize Wall Medallion
  • Legend Prize Wall Medallion
  • LEGENDARY Strap for random Class (Men’s Division)
  • 1x CHAOTIC BLAST Skill Plate (+10% Gem Crit Chance/Generate 1 Blast Gem on Gem Crit Damage)
  • Up to 4x Tier 4 RARE Medals
  • Up to 17500 Strap Parts
  • Up to 5,000,000 coins

Leaderboard Rewards:

  • 1x ESCAPE ARTIST Skill Plate (33% chance to break all submission gems)
  • Up to 500x shards for “Hall of Fame” Eddie Guerrero
  • Up to 6x 5-Star Silver Token
  • Up to 3,000,000 Coins


Choose your Era and play the respective Gauntlet Blitz with a FREE Blitz Ticket which you can get in the Shop!

Each Blitz costs 1 Era Ticket but will give you another ticket to play it again and again if you manage to beat the boss.

Modern Blitz is against Legend Era Superstars and vice versa.

Rewards for each Blitz:

  • 25x Strap Parts
  • Up to 500 Hall of Fame Ingots
  • 1x Legend/Modern Ticket

Prize Wall

The TOP milestones will get you a unique Medallion, which can be redeemed for RARE Superstars and gear in the Prize Wall.

Each of the following items costs 1 Medallion:

Modern Rewards
Rey Mysterio “Master of the 619”
Aleister Black “Root of All Evil”
Luke Harper “The Bludgeon Brothers”
Ricochet “The One and Only”
Rey Mysterio “Master of the 619” Royal Rumble Gear
Becky Lynch “The Man” Gear
8x Tier 4 Rare Medals (2 for each slot)
Legend Rewards
200 Hulk Hogan Shards
Nikolai Volkoff “The Russian”
Bruno Sammartino “The Italian Strongman”
Ric Flair “Slick Ric”
Sting “The Stinger”
EPIC STRAP for Legends random Class (Men’s Division) + 4x Tier 4 Rare Medals (1 for each slot)

Special Offers

Get required Superstars for this Contest in special LOOT.