Hey Champions,

Looks like Part 1 of our Faction News Series has you excited. Good, then let’s continue with more great Faction Features coming with our next Update.

🛒 ALL-NEW Faction Store

  • Spend your new Faction Coins in this all-new Faction Store!
  • It refreshes on a regular basis, but can also be manually refreshed, similar to the Showdown Shop.
  • Get Epic Straps, Strap Parts, Rush Tokens, and more resources!
  • Additionally, you can obtain currency for the brand-new GEAR LOOT, which offers most of the existing gears!

Faction Store EXCLUSIVE: Collect the BRAND-NEW 3-Pieces Gear Set for Charlotte Flair “The 2nd Nature” over time!

🧙 IMPROVED Expeditions

  • Expeditions now source the new Faction Coins, which you can use in the new Faction Store.
  • Legendary Expeditions can contain Epic Straps now!
  • Also, instead of Common Straps, you will now find Strap Parts in Expeditions!
  • To get the most out of those improved Expeditions, you and your Faction will have to fulfill more challenging objectives.

Stay tuned for more Faction news coming up this week!

Please Note:

The features above are independent of our previously announced new Stipulation Tours. Their development and testing are still ongoing and will come with an additional CLOSED BETA to ensure a flawless and enjoyable experience.

Very soon, we will invite a pool of experienced players to join this Closed Beta. After this, we will work on design iterations based on their feedback.