Hey Champions,

NOVEMBER will be a month full of GRATITUDE, including 3 RARE Superstars and many rewards, easy to claim with some simple clicks!

All you have to do is to log in every day and claim your prizes.

We have made a MASSIVE overhaul of the daily login bonuses for November only, so DON’T MISS OUT on a GUARANTEED Brock Lesnar “The Next Big Thing” AND Rey Mysterio “Master of the 619”!

But that’s not all: This is a once in a lifetime chance to get one of Rey Mysterio’s Gears guaranteed and for FREE; this includes his super rare WRESTLEMANIA 22 gear, Booyaka!

All you have to do is to log in to the game every day and grab your rewards. It really can’t be easier!

You will find the following Login Bonus rewards allotted throughout November:

Up to a 4-Star Bronze Brock Lesnar “The Next Big Thing” (in grab bag)
2-Star Bronze Rey Mysterio “Master of the 619”
Rey Mysterio “Master of the 619” WRESTLEMANIA 22 gear
Rey Mysterio Shard Bags (with up to 900 shards overall)
Player Thanks – Giveaway: Regalia Chest
Consecutive Bonus Rewards
250,000 Coins
250 TP
League Loot Coins
1x 5-Star Gold Token
and more!

We hope you will enjoy these tokens of appreciation! Thank you for being our Champions!