Hey Champions,

The last part of our Faction News Series is here! Enjoy the following new Features coming in November!


  • Key to Faction-success are active members, that’s why you should see only relevant and useful activity information.
  • The Faction Activity Log will now show only important “milestones” for a player. Celebrate their latest enhancements/fuse ups or even high-rarity Superstars from Loot!
  • You will now also gain visibility into a member’s contribution towards Faction activities.

A new button in the Player Profile will link you to the player’s profile page on the all-new Web Portal for WWE Champions 2020.


Are you a Leader and want to contact members directly In-Game? This NEW nudge feature is all you need!

Send messages to individual members and let them know how happy you are with their performance or what they should do to help out your Faction.

A Cooldown will prevent Leaders from spamming.

Stay tuned for more news around this update in early November.

Please Note:

The features above are independent of our previously announced new Stipulation Tours. Their development and testing are still ongoing and will come with an additional CLOSED BETA to ensure a flawless and enjoyable experience.

Very soon, we will invite a pool of experienced players to join this Closed Beta. After this, we will work on design iterations based on their feedback.