Update 4/19

Due to the very high traffic, we had to disable the Black Market for now. We will bring it back once the performance issues have been fully resolved.

Milestone progress will stay intact for both, the Web Coins and Rubies Black Market.

Hey Champions,

We are happy to announce the ALL-NEW Black Market at wwechampions.com!

Get GUARANTEED rewards for your Web Currencies and an EXCLUSIVE opportunity to earn shards for BRAND-NEW Charlotte Flair “Icons of WrestleMania”?

Please note:
Screenshots are taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, and dates are subject to change!

The Black Market (BETA)

  • A complete NEW way to spend your WEB COINS for AWESOME rewards!
  • Black Market EXCLUSIVE: Get Charlotte Flair “Icons of WrestleMania” with your Web Coins!
  • rehgihPlay the Trivia Rumble DAILY and REDEEM your Web Coins in the Black Market for MORE FREE REWARDS!
  • Earn additional GUARANTEED rewards from milestones in the Black Market Contest by collecting enough XP with every item you get or with every Re-Roll!
  • Refresh/Re-Roll the available Items Pool with Web Coins
    • Standard Re-Roll: Refresh the Black Market instantly with items of all rarities.
    • Mega Re-Roll: Refresh the Black Market instantly with only items of higher rarities.
    • The Items pool refreshes after 24 hours as well.

🎁 Black Market Items

You can get all kinds of items in the Black Market, from Coins, HP, Props, Blitz Tickets over to Skill Plates, Superstar shards, and Posters at up to 5-Star Bronze!


  • 4-Star Gold “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan
  • 4-Star Silver Randy Savage “Macho Man”
  • 4-Star Silver Aleister Black “Root of all Evil”
  • 4-Star Silver Chyna Ninth “Wonder of the World”
  • 5,000,000 Coins
  • 1,000,000 Coins
  • 300 Health Packs
  • and MUCH MORE!

Stock up your resources and improve your Roster Power with Web Coins and the Black Market!

Web Coins can only be earned by playing the Trivia Rumble (3 free entries per day, more available with Web Coins) but we are looking into more ways for you to obtain them in the future.

If you don’t want to use your earned Web Coins you can also purchase and spend RUBIES for its dedicated Black Market, with even more valuable items in it!

The first-ever Black Market for Rubies will last 72 hours. You get a free Re-Roll at the start and another one 2 hours before the market ends, so be sure to grab your last-minute FREE Re-Roll!

Black Market EXCLUSIVE

Over the past weeks, we have introduced BRAND-NEW Icons of WrestleMania, who can be used as Promoters to Boost your Scores in Stipulation Mode, Showdown, and Faction Feud. Their Shards, Posters, and Tokens can be found in respective Game Mode Shops.

Although, there is one Icon of WrestleMania who was yet to be found in any shop, until now!

We are happy to announce, that you can finally earn shards for BRAND-NEW Feud Promoter Charlotte Flair the ONLY Acrobat among all “Icons of WrestleMania”

Earn her exclusively in the WEB COINS Black Market Contest Milestones at wwechampions.com!*

*All other Icons of WrestleMania will be available In-game


We plan to launch the first-ever Black Market this Saturday, April 17th at noon PST, only on wwechampions.com.

The Web Coin Black Market will be permanent, the Rubies Black Market will be for a limited time only and requires Rubies to re-roll and to obtain items in its store.

The Black Market is still in BETA, so join the WWE Champions Community on our OFFICIAL Forum and let us know your feedback on it or ask us questions!