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ALL BRAND-NEW Icons of WrestleMania have finally been revealed!

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Now it is time to give them another spotlight here on our blog!

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Feud Promoters

DOMINATE in Faction Feuds with Feud Promoters! Boost your Warscore by up to 20%!

The following 6 ICONS OF WRESTLEMANIA are Promoters for Faction Feuds:

Where to find them?


  • Find shards of ALL brand-new Faction Feud Promoters (Bret Hart, Kane, Triple H, and John Cena) in the regular Stipulation Mode Shop along with their Evo Tokens in the Faction Shop!
  • The Undertaker will be only available in the Marquee Shop!
  • Stay tuned for Charlotte Flair’s whereabouts!

All Feud Promoters will be released by the end of this week/beginning of next week! Stay tuned!

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