Hey Champions,

We started to roll out the latest update for WWE Champions to all major platforms. Once the update is available for your device, you will see it in your favorite Appstore.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Quality of Life Improvements

  • Level up your Superstars step by step with the NEW Level Up Lever
  • Claim Competition Milestone Rewards directly from the Contest page
  • You can now sell Straps & Medals directly in your inbox.

Bug Changelog

Please bear in mind, if an issue is not listed here it will not be included in the update, and therefore will take some more time to be fixed.

  • Faction Boss – Completed Lobbies did not disappear from the lobby list.
  • Grab bags containing only one currency or Superstar poster displayed a blank popup when previewed in the Loot.
  • Separated gear was attached to the Superstar poster in the Loot reveal flow.
  • An error appeared when tapping on TP posters in Loot preview and summary screens.
  • Superstar Poster overlapped the Shards amount in Loot.
  • Stipulation Tours – PyroAll/SnowfallAll were not working/counting.
  • An error appeared when triggering the Not Enough Currency popup.
  • “DX Army Assault” and other similar Skill Plates functioned incorrectly
  • Unable to clear the Roster badge when having gear of a Superstar that the player didn’t own.
  • There was no effect description after using “Mutated Spinebuster” ability of Bayley Mutant.
  • There were some issues with the stats scaling of gem/move defense stats.
  • The Strap earned from milestones on the web portal didn’t appear in the Strap inventory after claiming from the inbox.
  • The red dot badge did not appear in the upper right corner of new tasks that are linked with CSS.
  • After completing the prior one, the Badge was not shown in the new unlocked Chapter banner in Normal mode.
  • Sometimes, there was no badge on the Career button at the Home screen when players logged into the game after resetting the daily tours.
  • The badge on the Event button showed up every time players reloaded the game if the badge in the shop had not been dismissed.
  • The badge reappeared on the Inventory button after opening a bag that has Contest currency as a reward.
  • The Badge on the Tour and chapter banners appeared even when players have played the chapter.
  • The badge on the Inventory tab was triggered in some cases.
  • The badge on the unseen tab is dismissed and reappeared after the player completed a battle in a Tour.
  • Extra Turn Strap could trigger while pinned and would apply on the following turn.
  • Faction Feud – Brawl/Team Chat showed empty
  • Skill Plates with the effect “PctChanceToCreateGem” failed to trigger on turns in which a pin was caused.
  • If the Pin Bar was moved all the way to the left via the “MovePinBar” TriggerScript, it would become visually stuck until a pin occurs.
  • The player got one more Superstar shard during the Offer Purchase animation.
  • The text displayed below the Superstar poster showed only one rarity in the Grab bag Detail screen.