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Do you like a good Challenge? Then hop into WWE Champions and face tough opponents for some nice midweek Rewards! Your Chance to collect another SummerSlam Classics Mystery Prize Wall Medallion.

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Hall of Fame Challenge7/6 at noon PST7/8 at noon PST

Solo Contest

Talent Up your Hall of Fame Superstars and beat the Boss in the CHALLENGE MATCHES to earn points in this Contest. Win SummerSlam Classics Solo and Faction Points along with Resources, Ultimate Warrior “Always Believe” Shards, and another SummerSlam Classics Mystery Prizewall Token!

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Spend 1 SummerSlam Classic Loot Coin5,000
Spend 1 SummerSlam Classic Loot Coin for the First Time50,0001
Increase the Talent of Any Hall of Fame Superstar1020,000
Beat Challenge Mode Boss Chapter 1 Hell Mode25,00010
Beat Challenge Mode Boss Chapter 2 Hell Mode25,00010
Beat Challenge Mode Boss Chapter 3 Hell Mode25,00010
Beat Challenge Mode Boss Chapter 4 Hell Mode25,00010
Max Milestone4,000,000

Regular Rewards

36Honky Tonk Man “Mean Guitar” Evo Tokens
20,400SummerSlam Classics Solo Contest Points
20,000SummerSlam Classics Faction Competition Points
120SummerSlam Classics Prize Wall Medallions
35-Star Diamond Tokens
15-Star Gold Tokens
24-Star Gold Tokens
44-Star Silver Tokens
43-Star Gold Tokens

Additional Rewards – Achieve these Milestones/Rewards exclusively by spinning the Loot

1SummerSlam Classics Mystery Prizewall Token
50Ultimate Warrior “Always Believe” Shards
18,500SummerSlam Classics Solo Contest Points
22,000SummerSlam Classics Faction Competition Points
50Honky Tonk Man “Mean Guitar” Evo Tokens
110SummerSlam Classics Prize Wall Medallions
55-Star Emerald Tokens
85-Star Diamond Tokens
45-Star Gold Tokens
35-Star Silver Tokens
34-Star Gold Tokens
44-Star Silver Tokens
43-Star Gold Tokens

Top 200 Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 5-Star Silver The Godfather “Hall of Fame” Poster (Top 20)
1The Godfather “Hall of Fame” Gold Gear
1,000The Godfather “Hall of Fame” Shards
55-Star Emerald Tokens
3Legendary Straps with Guaranteed Bonus
2Random Legendary Straps with High Bonus Chance

Limited-Time Tours

Prevail in the CHALLENGE MATCHES to make progress in the Contest. Win Solo Points and Hall of Fame Superstar Shards.

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DayChaptersContest Superstars
WednesdayChapter 1 Hall of Fame Challenge – ChynaAny HoF Showboat
WednesdayChapter 2 Hall of Fame Challenge – The UndertakerAny HoF Powerhouse
ThursdayChapter 3 Hall of Fame Challenge – Andre the GiantAny HoF Trickster
ThursdayChapter 4 Hall of Fame Challenge – Hulk HoganAny HoF Striker


1,800,000Hall of Fame Challenge Points
100Dusty Rhodes “Hall of Fame” Shards
100Steve Austin “Hall of Fame” Shards
100Scott Hall “Hall of Fame” Shards
20Brie Bella “Hall of Fame” Shards

5-Star GOLD Loot

Spin the SummerSlam Classics Week 2 Loot for a Chance at GREAT Superstars at 5-Star GOLD, such as “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan, Hulk Hogan “Hall of Fame, Chyna “Hall of Fame”, and many MORE!

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