All Hail Queen Zelina!

At WWE Crown Jewel, she made history and became the first-ever Queen’s Crown Tournament winner, a perfect fit for WWE Champions! Unlock her at 4-Star Gold by playing Flash Feuds and earning enough Shards in Grab Bags, Tours, and Offers. 👑

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Queen Royale8/26 at noon PST8/29 at noon PST
Flash Feuds8/26 at 6 pm PST8/28 at noon PST

Available FREE Shards

Solo Contest220
Limited-Time Tour480
Prize Wall100
Warscore Competition380
Stamp Card20
Get the rest in Offers and Events at, Loot, or in future Contests.

Flash Feuds

Play with selected Superstars in these Flash Feuds for Queen Royale Prize Wall Medallions and progress in the Warscore Competition! Earn MASSIVE POINTS for beating 6-Star Superstars!

⭐⭐⭐⭐ PRO TIP: Find useful AFFILIATION Straps for your Submission Defense Coaches such as Randy Orton “Apex Predator”, Shawn Michaels “DX Army”, Road Dogg “DX Army”, Wendi Richter “Hall of Fame”, Erik “Viking Raiders” and more, all for just $25 in the Shop!

Additionally, ALL these Submission Defense Coaches will receive a new TIER at 18,000 Talent with an 80% Submission Defense Buff!

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Rise to the Top

8/26 at 6 pm PST8/27 at midnight PST
min req4
Brawl size2v2
Brawl timer30 mins
prop limit2
1st time wins with a Superstar in a brawl = 60,000 points
Card (Top, Mid, Low)Bonus
Zelina “Queen Zelina”
+3 starting all mp
+100% All Gem Dmg
+50% warscore boost
Shayna Baszler
Modern Era (4-Star)
+100% Black Move DMG
+20% warscore boost
+100% finisher dmg
Any Carmella
Ruthless Aggression (4-Star)
+25% Multiply Gem Dmg
+10% warscore boost

Fame and Glory

8/27 at 7 am PST8/27 at noon PST
min req3
Brawl size2v2
Brawl timer20 mins
prop limit1
1st time wins with a Superstar in a brawl = 60,000 points
Card (Top, Mid, Low)Bonus
Theory “All Day”
+100% Bleed Dmg
+3 starting all mp
+50% warscore boost
Any Trickster Hall of Fame (5-Star)
Ruthless Aggression (4-Star)
+2 Purple MP
+50% Gem Dmg
+20% warscore boost


8/27 at 5 pm PST8/27 at 10 pm PST
min req4
Brawl size2v2
Brawl timer25 mins
prop limit2
1st time wins with a Superstar in a brawl = 150,000 points
Card (Top, Mid, Low)Bonus
Xavier Woods “King Woods”
+100% All Gem Damage
+3 starting all mp
+50% warscore boost
Peter Maivia “High Chief”
Any Randy Savage (4-Star)
+1 starting all mp
+100% Gem Dmg
+20% warscore boost
Alpha Academy (4-Star)
Hall of Fame (4-Star)
+100% blast gem dmg
+10% warscore boost

Queen Royale

8/28 at 5 am PST8/28 at noon PST
min req3
Brawl size2v2
Brawl timer20 mins
prop limit2
1st time wins with a Superstar in a brawl = 75,000 points
Card (Top, Mid, Low)Bonus
Carmella “Untouchable”
+100% All Gem Damage
+3 starting all mp
+50% warscore boost
Any Stephanie McMahon (4-Star)
Acrobat (5-Star)
+1 Multi Gem Str
+2 starting purple mp
+20% warscore boost

Leaderboard rewards

Queen Royale Medallions
Random Tier 4 Medals
Legendary Straps

Redeem your Queen Royale Medallions for Resources, Straps, Queen Royale Grab Bags, and Contest Points.

Please note:
Items are subject to change

Queen Royale Cases
Queen Zelina Basic Bags
Legendary Showboat Strap with 20% Move damage
Legendary Women’s Division Strap with 50% Gem damage
Legendary Straps with High Bonus Chance
Tier 5 Medals
4-Star Gold Tokens
5-Star Silver Tokens
5-Star Gold Tokens
5-Star Diamond Tokens
Otis “Alpha Academy” Evo Tokens
Queen Royale Solo Contest Points

Solo Contest

Talent Up selected Superstars, complete the Limited-Time Tour and climb up the Warscore Competition Leaderboard to earn massive Points in this Contest. Spin the Loot to accelerate and earn Queen Zelina Grab Bags, Prize Wall Medallions, a Mella’s Mask Skill Plate, and more! The TOP 50 can get her Poster at up to 5-Star GOLD on the Leaderboard!

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Claim FREE Contest Points EVERY DAY on!
Early Unlock Bonus: Recruit Zelina “Queen Zelina” within the first 24 hrs500,0001
Talent Up any Showboat (Starts with FF1)620,000
Talent Up any Raw (Starts with FF1)1220,000
Talent Up any Hall of Fame (Starts with FF2)1220,000
Talent Up any Smackdown (Starts with FF3)1220,000
Talent Up any Acrobat (Starts with FF4)1220,000
Spend 1 Queen Royale Loot for the first Time35,0001
Spend 1 Queen Royale Loot Coin3,500
Spend 1 Flash Feuds Loot Coin for the first Time24,0001
Spend 1 Flash Feuds Loot Coin2,400
Earn over 4 MILLION Contest points in the Limited-Time Tour
Max Milestone8,000,000

Regular Rewards

1Queen Zelina Premium Bag
6Queen Zelina Basic Bags
50Chad Gable “Alpha Academy” Shards
125Otis “Alpha Academy” Evo Tokens
15-Star Emerald Token
25-Star Diamond Tokens
45-Star Silver Tokens
54-Star Gold Tokens
34-Star Silver Tokens
8,905Heatwave Solo Contest Points

Additional Rewards – Achieve these Milestones/Rewards exclusively by spinning the Loot

1Mella’s Mask Skill Plate
200Chad Gable “Alpha Academy” Shards
1Queen Royale Case
1Queen Zelina Premium Bag
3Queen Zelina Basic Bags
85-Star Emerald Tokens
65-Star Diamond Tokens
25-Star Silver Tokens

Top 200 Leaderboard rewards

1Up to a 5-Star Gold Zelina “Queen Zelina” (Top 50)
2,000Zelina “Queen Zelina” Shards
55-Star Emerald Tokens
3Random Legendary Straps with guaranteed Bonus

Warscore Competition

Play the Flash Feuds and make progress in this Competition. You will find 5,000,000 Queen Faction Points in Milestones, alongside Prize Wall Medallions, Solo Points, and more!

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⭐⭐⭐⭐ Got enough Faction Contest Points and want an extra challenge? Show the WWE Champions Universe that you are the best Feuder around. Compete in Feud and push for EXTRA Milestone Rewards, including an Ultimate Strap, Queen Royale Cases, and up to 2 MILLION Queen Royale Solo Contest Points in the TOP 1,000 Leaderboard!

Earn Warscore1
Max Milestone40,000,000
7,500,000 points are needed to earn all available Contest Points in this Warscore Competition.
Feud 1: Contest SuperstarsPointsLimit
Win Feud Battle with Zelina “Queen Zelina”700,0001
Win Feud Battle with Shayna Baszler150,0003
Win Feud Battle with Molly Holly150,0003
Win Feud Battle with Ruthless Aggression100,0005
Feud 2: Contest SuperstarsPointsLimit
Win Feud Battle with Theory400,0001
Win Feud Battle with RVD “Whole Damn Show”150,0003
Win Feud Battle with Rick Rude “Hall of Fame”150,0003
Win Feud Battle with Steve Austin “Hall of Fame”100,0005
Feud 3: Contest SuperstarsPointsLimit
Win Feud Battle with Xavier Woods “King Woods”400,0001
Win Feud Battle with Randy Savage “Macho King”150,0003
Win Feud Battle with Peter Maivia “High Chief”150,0003
Win Feud Battle with Alpha Academy100,0005
Feud 4: Contest SuperstarsPointsLimit
Win Feud Battle with Carmella “Untouchable”400,0001
Win Feud Battle with Zelina “Queen Zelina”400,0001
Win Feud Battle with Liv Morgan150,0003
Win Feud Battle with Stephanie McMahon “Welcome to the Queendom”150,0003
Win Feud Battle with any Asuka100,0005


5,000,000Queen Royale Faction Contest Points
1,500,000Queen Royale Solo Contest Points
1Random Ultimate Strap
2Queen Royale Cases
2Queen Zelina Premium Bags
9Queen Zelina Basic Bags
3,200Queen Royale Flash Feud Medallions
150Xavier Woods “King Woods” Shards
2,000Heatwave Keys
14,000Heatwave Faction Competition Points
1,600Health Packs

Top 1,000 Leaderboard rewards

Up to 5,000Queen Royale Flash Feud Medallions
Up to 2,000,000Queen Royale Solo Contest Points

Faction Contest

Talent Up your Superstars and earn Queen Royale Cases, Prize Wall Medallions, Strap Parts, Tokens, and MORE for your whole Faction! Speed up your progress by participating in the Warscore Competition!

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Talent up any Superstar30
Talent up any Hall of Fame100
Evo/Fuse a 5-Star Superstar750,000
Evo/Fuse a 4-Star Superstar500,000
Evo/Fuse a 3-Star Superstar200,000
Evo/Fuse a 2-Star Superstar30,000
Use Health Pack5
Use Faction Heal5
Participate in the Warscore Competition for more Faction Points
Max Milestone804,999,999


3Queen Royale Cases
15,000Queen Royale Flash Feud Medallions
26,000Heatwave Faction Competition Points
150Heatwave Keys
75Otis “Alpha Academy” Evo Tokens
5,200Strap Parts

Top 500 Leaderboard rewards

5,000Heatwave Solo Competition Points
1Premium Feud Shard Chest

Limited-Time Tour

Earn Queen Zelina Grab Bags and Points in this Limited-Time Tour to progress in the Solo Contest. Unlock BRAND-NEW Zelina and earn a 6-Star Bronze Token in her Challenge Node!

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DayChaptersContest Superstars
FridayQueen’s Crown (Showboat)Lacey Evans “Women’s Right”
Molly Holly
Zelina “Queen Zelina”
FridayThe Queen’s CHALLENGEZelina “Queen Zelina” (Normal)
Any RAW (Hard)
Carmella “Untouchable”, Liv Morgan (Hell)
SaturdayAlphaAny Chad Gable
Otis “Alpha Academy”
SundayRoyal Blue (Acrobat)Asuka “No One is Ready”
Carmella “Untouchable” (Hell)


5Queen Zelina Premium Bags
9Queen Zelina Basic Bags
16-Star Bronze Token
35-Star Emerald Tokens
5,200,000Queen Royale Solo Contest Points
and more Resources

5-Star Gold Loot

The Queen invites you to spin this royal Loot. Get a chance at her at 5-Star GOLD, other TOP Superstars such as Shayna Baszler, Theory, King Booker, Carmella “Untouchable”, and MORE!

⭐⭐⭐⭐ AWESOME TOP VALUE offers and LOOT will accompany each Flash Feud with required and RARE Superstars!

Benefit from exclusive offers in the shop at and let your opponents kneel before you!

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Simply join the WWE Champions Community on our OFFICIAL Forum and give us your constructive feedback on this contest!