Hey Champions,

All SIX BRAND-NEW Icons of WrestleMania have finally been revealed LIVE on our official Twitch Channel!

Get excited to play and make use of the following Faction Boss Promoters:

The Rock (Striker Promoter)

Eddie Guerrero (Acrobat Promoter)

Rey Mysterio (Powerhouse Promoter)

Sasha Banks (Trickster Promoter)

Roddy Piper (Technician Promoter)

Kofi Kingston (Showboat Promoter)


You get the chance to try out and play ALL new Icons of WrestleMania for FREE in the Countdown to WrestleMania Contest and their daily Limited-Time Tours, starting Monday, 3/28. Don’t miss out!

More Info on the Countdown Contest can be found HERE.

Faction Boss Promoters

Earn more Faction Boss Currency with these Faction Boss Promoters! Boost your Currency by up to 30%!

Find Shards for the BRAND-NEW Faction Boss Promoters in the ALL-NEW Faction Boss Shop, alongside other great Rewards!

Read up HERE for more info on Faction Boss Battles.


All Faction Boss Promoters will be released on Monday 3/28 and you can try them out for FREE fully maxed at 5-Star Bronze in their Superstar Trials until Friday 4/1.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Keep an eye on our official channels throughout the week for a chance to win ONE Icon of WrestleMania of your choice, including one of the six new ones. More Info soon!

The initial release of the Icons of WrestleMania Era was in 2021, so check out our post back then to get all the Info about Icons of WrestleMania and their abilities!