Hey Champions,

Here is the Changelog for our R66 Update that we plan to roll out for all platforms by the end of this week. So check your preferred app store by then. If you are still waiting to see the Update, return later.

We are happy to announce a new quality-of-life improvement that auto-opens every bag you earn with an informative overview of your rewards. You see the actual rewards immediately without going to your inventory first.

This works for all rewards you earn with this update and beyond. We include a CLAIM ALL option for existing Grab Bags in your inventory, simultaneously opening up to 10,000 Bags.

This feature will be activated on June 18th.

We have tweaked how you get your Skill Plate Chips in the Strap Up Pass. The Chips will be granted IMMEDIATELY upon sign-up and will get reloaded each time YOUR subscription renews – no more waiting around for the 1st of the Month!

PLUS, once we activate this change, all active Subscribers will reset their Chips count to 100!

Subscribers will receive an in-game message when this tweak gets deployed in the coming days.

Bug Changelog

Please remember that if an issue is not listed here, we did not include it in the Update; therefore, we will need more time to fix it.

  • Accessing the Faction Boss Shop shouldn’t cause an error anymore.
  • Offer titles should be displayed centered again.
  • Loot Boxes should display the correct amount of TP again.
  • The Contest icons are displayed on the normal Loot banners again.
  • The same item with a different quantity is no longer grouped together.
  • The Superstar’s move/gem damage should be displayed properly in several parts of the game when the gem/move damage exceeds 2,147,483,648.
  • The ring’s ceiling should be displayed properly after using a move.
  • The reward amount in the reward popups should be displayed correctly on lower-end devices.
  • The amount of TP in offers should be displayed correctly.
  • Fixed some display errors in the Protege Screen for some languages.
  • The game should function correctly when the AI opponent has two of the same moves (due to a false setup).
  • Names in the global chat should be displayed correctly.
  • Karrion Kross “Tick Tock” Roundhouse Kick combined with the Krossface should no longer get the player stuck.
  • The opponent’s rarity and talent should be kept when switching gender in the Universal Blitz nodes.
  • The player name should be displayed correctly when set in a language other than English in the English settings.
  • Fixed some localization errors
  • Removing the Trial Superstar should keep the player in their running expeditions.
  • The correct Contests should be displayed after purchasing the League Up Bundle and hitting League 7+.
  • The VFX of the items in the Daily Insta-claim should disappear when they reach the pop-up border.
  • Faction heal boosts in the faction chat should work correctly without causing errors.
  • Going to the Superstar Manager screen via a Contest Task shouldn’t cause the early Shards tutorial to pop up anymore.
  • The Superstars Shard bar in the Roster overview should be displayed correctly.
  • Fixed some display issues with the TP’s quantity in several game parts.
  • VFX for League Ups in Showdown has been fixed.
  • The Shard conversion popup should be displayed properly after closing the tutorial.
  • The talent bar should hide when switching the Superstar to slot 2 in the tag team pre-match screen.
  • The opponent’s health in Blitz should be the same after the last match.
  • Contest icons should be displayed for every new contest.
  • Showdown Energy should replenish and function correctly.